Sometimes things get lost.

Sometimes they are forgotten.

And very ocassionally, they are buried.


Very rarely are they found.


This is the web archive of Atlantis DSV, containing the sum of all that has been done previously - no matter how old, obscure or outdated.

In 2006, much of this was lost in a theft. All that remained of Atlantis DSV was scattered across the web, or on what few archive disks could be found. This archive is now available here, on this site, and includes everything from the earliest pieces of concept art through to nearly-forgotten photoshop works completed throughout 2004 and 2005. While nearly all of this has been surpassed or replaced by what is now on the Atlantis website, we believe it's important to learn from mistakes... and so here they are in all their gritty glory.





Copyright 2006-2009 James Ward. All reference pertaining to "seaQuest DSV" and "seaQuest 2032" are copyrights of Universal/Amblin enterainment and no claim is made to these titles. Atlantis DSV and all related themes are copyright of James Ward and associated writers.

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