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Atlantis DSV Credits:

James Ward
Writer, Director, Producer

A 20-something Australian student of Charles Sturt University, studying a double degree in Television Production and Multimedia with a specialization in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. BA(MM)/BA(TV)

He lives in either Wagga Wagga or Sydney depending on the time of year and has managed Atlantis since it began in 2001. His duties extend to Writing, Web Design, 3D and CGI graphics and producing Atlantis DSV. His writing credits include Episodes I, II, III, IV, V and the in-development Episode VI, and also wrote the short story "Storm Warning".

Nathan Leong
Asst. Producer, Technical Advisor, Writer

A 20-something Australian student of Monash University, studying Aeronautical Engineering. B.E(Aero)

Nathan lives in Melbourne and has been involved with Atlantis since 2004. A technical and fluff-nitpick, Nathan spends alot of his time working out the most feasible way to realise James's ideas without resorting to pure-fantasy. Nathan has helped in the planning and execution of several large Atlantis projects, including short stories.

Keith Carpenter
Writer, CGI Artist, Technical Advisor

A 20-something British Aerospace Engineer working for Augusta Westland in the UK with a talent for writing and invention.

Keith has written more Atlantis short-stories than any other member of the staff and is presently working on another chapter in the Atlantis "Chronicles" short story series. He is also responsible for the presently-in-development design of the North Sea Confederation fleet, which will be introduced to Atlantis DSV over the course of 2009.

Daniel Watson

A 20-something Australian High School English teacher in Sydney's south, Daniel has followed and helped in Atlantis's development since 2001, and has known James Ward since their first year of High School in 1998. Ironically, he now teaches at this same school.

Infamous for his contribution to Atlantis in the form of the Nycarian Empire, its designs, and history, Daniel Co-Wrote the plot of Episode III: Rising Thunder and has since served as a sounding board and assistant in the writing of Episodes IV and V. He was additionally responsible for the design of the Nexus class battleship and Neureon cruiser, and is - besides James - the only person to know the full story behind the Nycarian Empire's origins. Most recently, Daniel helped write the plot for Atlantis DSV: Episode VI.

Daniel G. Williams
Webmaster, CGI

A 20-something American living in Atlanta, Georgia. "D.G", as he is otherwise known, is responsible for Atlantis's host (and sister) site, New Cape Quest. He has frequently contributed to Atlantis with CGI models and designs that can now be seen as the Antaeus and Trident. His designs and input influenced the current Reverence class Battlecruiser, and his most curious contribution was for the 2007 "Back to the Future" April Fool's Day project that turned Atlantis in to a Delorean, and the plot in to an 80's sci-fi flick.

Additonal Credits:
Nicholas Frankpitt - Writer
Alexander Williams - Concept artist, writer
Peter Hanshaw - CGI
Jim Shen - Technical Advisor


Copyright 2006-2009 James Ward. All reference pertaining to "seaQuest DSV" and "seaQuest 2032" are copyrights of Universal/Amblin enterainment and no claim is made to these titles. Atlantis DSV and all related themes are copyright of James Ward and associated writers.

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