Nothing will ever be the same.

The Pacific ocean is a sea of fire and blood. Reeling from defeat on every front, the UEO navy is desperately struggling to hold the line against the tide of Macronesia. For months, the Atlantis DSV has fought a futile battle, with only the faint glimmer of hope that they may yet hold the key to the biggest intelligence coups of the war. As the UEO Office of Naval Intelligence closes in on the truth behind one of the war's biggest mysteries, the Atlantis will face the beginning of her darkest days.

Not everyone will make it home alive. Prepare for casualties.


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This newest edition of Episode III has been re-written and re-edited and is the definitive version of Atlantis's largest arc. It is prefaced by the full, edited text of the short story "Full Fathom Five" and is forwarded by James Ward.


Copyright 2006-2009 James Ward. All reference pertaining to "seaQuest DSV" and "seaQuest 2032" are copyrights of Universal/Amblin enterainment and no claim is made to these titles. Atlantis DSV and all related themes are copyright of James Ward and associated writers.

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