In May of 2041, the Pacific was reduced to a firestorm of ruin as the Macronesian Alliance swept across the sea in an unstoppable invasion which left the UEO teetering on the brink of total destruction. One month later, the fires are still burning as the UEO is in full flight...

While the crew of the Atlantis DSV recover from a long and bitter campaign, the Alliance of Macronesia now holds the Pacific in an precariously stretched iron grip. In a few shocking hours, President Alexander Bourne's decision to widen his campaign takes a spiraling dive in to disaster, and the entire war hangs in the balance. While the UEO scrambles to consolidate on these sudden events, the crew of the Atlantis are recalled to duty in the wake of a series of brutal attacks against European shipping. But who is responsible?
With the European powers scrambling to prepare for war, Atlantis once again finds herself at the center of the scales, and Captain Ainsley must make a decision which will forever alter the balance of world power; to plunge the entire globe deeper in to a war that knows no end... or bring the UEO to its knees.

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