It is September 2041.
The UEO has found a turning point; the Central Pacific port colony of Nexus is
falling under the shadow of war.

But just days before the UEO invasion, an incident in Macronesia threatens to end all that they could achieve before it has even begun. As a massive Macronesian Fleet sails north, Atlantis is sent south on a mission that seems impossible - to single handedly engage and destroy the most dangerous formation of Macronesian warships ever assembled, no matter the cost.
Through the eyes of three young cadets; the heroes of the UEO stand resolutely against the tide, and they find that the truth of war is only a bitter struggle to survive.

Meanwhile, far away in the long-forgotten waters of the African coast, there lies a relic that has remained entombed for an entire generation - a lasting legacy to a time long passed and forgotten, and a secret so terrible that it will forever change the face of the United Earth Oceans... in a place called Sierra Leone.

The beginning of the end has begun.

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