Welcome to Atlantis...

...A graphic web series based on seaQuest DSV and seaQuest 2032 created by Rockne O'Bannon and Steven Spielberg.

It is the year 2041, and the world is engulfed in war. The humanitarian United Earth Oceans is fighting a desperate war against a seemingly unstoppable Pacific super power, and it is a losing battle.
The Atlantis class Deep Submergence Vehicles may stand as the only force in the UEO capable of holding back an overwhelming tide.

Dive beneath the surface of a brave, frightening new world and enter a realm unlike any other. This is a world of darkness and unforgiving cold, and a war that holds many secrets and has claimed many lives.

"For beneath the surface, we defend the future..."

On this site, you will find CG art, episodes, character information, news and links for everything about Atlantis DSV, and to a lesser extent, seaQuest 2032. You can contribute to Atlantis by submitting your own stories for review and inclusion in the timeline, or by sending in your own SF-38/A Raptor Subfighter squadron for review by the creative staff, and if we like it enough, you may even get to see it in an episode (sometimes as a regular feature).

Atlantis's sixth episode - Crossfire - is due to launch in July 2011, coinciding with the final launch of the Space Shuttle, Atlantis.



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