Commander's Rank Insignia (Command)
United Earth Oceans Organization Navy Cross
Bronze Star
North Pacific Confederation Service Medal
UEO Service Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Joint Services Medal (Cluster x3)
Purple Heart
Atlantic Service Medal
Pacific Service Medal
Second Cold War
Challenger Liberation Marianas Peacekeeper Marshalls Peacekeeper Combat Action

James Patrick Banick
Executive Officer, Atlantis DSV(X) 8100

Rank: Commander
Date of Birth: December 31st, 2010
Age (As of 2041): 31
Place of Birth: New York, USA, NORPAC Confederation
Year of Enlistment: 2028 (Age 18)
Joined UEO: 2028 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: First Officer/Chief of Operations
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: Lt. Cmdr, UEO Reverence CVSN (Sub-Carrier)


Remarks: Graduated from UEO Naval academy with honours. Reprimanded for numerous accounts of misconduct. Decorated in 2034 for courage under fire.

Commander James Banick is an enigma. He is rebellious, discipline-challenged and not accustomed to being told what to do. On the other hand; during his academy days his scores were the best in his class, he is well liked by subordinates and has never once failed to complete a duty. The fact still stands, if he served under any captain besides Mark Ainsley, he would have been relieved of duty a long time ago.

Banick entered the UEO Naval Academy at age 18 and found out early on that his early career in the navy was not going to go smoothly. His professors and lecturers were largely convinced that he was not ‘officer material’ as the cadet had many problems with discipline. His first exams ended miserably and he failed nearly every paper he sat through.

To their shock however, Banick subsequently went through a remarkable change. The next exam he sat put him in the top 10% of the class, and this fashion continued through to the end of his academy days in 2031. More than once, his instructors suspected foul play and investigated his activities thoroughly, concluding that it was virtually unheard of for a cadet to make such a radical turn around.

This kind of change has characterised much of Banick's career in his ability to rise to meet challenges after sometimes falling hard at the end of failure. The support which a commanding officer like Mark Ainsley has been able to offer has undoubtedly done much to bring the once-wayward officer to heel.

Laid back and extremely easy going, Banick is liked by every junior officer that has served under him. It is undoubtedly this support from his comrades that has pushed him to the rank of Commander after only nine years of active service. Superior officers for the most part dislike his attitude and waived him off as “unprofessional” and “outspoken,” but despite this, he has continued to always achieve success no matter how unorthodox or “unprofessional” his methods may be.

In 2031, Ensign Banick’s first assignment was the Poseidon-class Submarine Carrier, Shlioh. This first assignment would be pivotal in his eventual selection for duty aboard the Atlantis, but again it came in a very ‘unorthodox’ manner...

The year 2036 and a Lieutenant, Banick was on shore leave in Pearl Harbor when the Shiloh was in port for repairs. As fate, or perhaps fortune would have it, the UEO Reverence - under the command of Captain Mark Ainsley - was also in port at the time.
In a manner best described as “conduct unbecoming an officer,” Banick met his future Captain. Despite their initial differences, Ainsley offered him a chance to serve under him aboard the Reverence, in defferance to Banick being almost assuredly discharged from the service.

His time on the Reverence would last until late 2039 and the boat’s decommissioning – a total of four years. In 2040, Lieutenant Commander James Banick received a letter of recommendation from Captain Ainsley along with a promotion to full Commander. The recommendation placed Banick in the XO’s chair of a new class of submarine that was still classified by UEO Command. Not wasting such an opportunity for command, Banick accepted the position and now reigns as executive officer of the Atlantis DSV under Captain Mark Ainsley. Since this time, many of the Commander's rough edges have been smoothed, and he has slowly filled the role of a command officer to the surprise of his former commanders, and the admiration of his peers, becoming an invaluable member of Captain Ainsley's command staff.

In May of 2041, James Banick received the purple heart following the battle for Marinduque Island, during which the Atlantis led the attack. Tragically, in the same battle, Lieutenant Commander Natalie Canebride - with whom he was romantically involved - was killed in action. She carried his unborn child.

The months which have followed since have seen a sharp change in Banick's personality. Once charismatic and approachable, his colleagues have noticed a bitter change in his attitudes to life and duty, often reclusively avoiding those he once counted amongst his closest friends and having lost much of the passion he once had for his job.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Navy Cross - Awarded in 2034 for gallantry and valor under fire
  • Bronze Star - Awarded in 2038 for meritorious action under fire during the Challenger Colony Liberation.
  • NORPAC Service Medal - Is currently an active naval officer of the North Pacific Confederation Military Command.
  • UEO Service Medal - 5 full tours of duty spanning 2031-2041
  • Joint Services Achievement Medal - For recognition of meritorious achievement in cross-service joint operations during the 2038 Challenger Campaign
  • Join Services Medal (3) - For joint operations conducted with the UEO Marine Corps in 2034, 2036 and 2038.
  • Purple Heart - Wounded in action, May 2041 during battle on Marinduque Island
  • Atlantic Service Medal - For military service in the Atlantic, 2041
  • Pacific Service Medal - For military service in the Pacific, 2031-2041
  • Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2031-2040
  • Challenger Liberation Medal - Veteran of the Challenger Liberation campaign of 2038
  • Marianas Peacekeeping Medal - For peacekeeping action in the Marianas
  • Marshalls Peacekeeping Medal - For peacekeeping action in the Marshall Islands
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran

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