William Bishop; shown here wearing a Commander's rank insignia prior to 2037.

William Anthony Bishop
Commander, Alliance 188th Fighter Squadron (Blackraven One, callsign "Cardinal")

Rank: Captain (Alliance equivalent to UEO Subfighter Corps O-6 rank of "Wing Commander")
Date of Birth: August 12th 2004
Age (As of 2041): 36
Place of Birth: Port Hedland, Australia
Joined Military: 2024
Current Assignment: 188th Tactical Fighter Squadron
Position: Commanding Officer
Previous Assignment: Not known. Record of command of the 188th extends back as far as 2035.
Remarks: Has been named the "Ace of Spades" in a dossier of Alliance pilots "Blacklisted" by the UEO.

William Bishop is a name spoken with fear within the ranks of the UEO Subfighter Corps. Since 2035, Bishop's name has grown awesome notoriety as the commanding officer of the elite fighter group known as the "188th" - the Blackravens - and is reckoned to be one of the most lethal pilots beneath the waves. A hero in Macronesia, Bishop has been likened to Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock for the tactics he employs in battle, and the style by which he commands. His fighter group is formed of the best pilots in Macronesia as a crack squad of men and women formed to deal with potentially any fighter threat. Members of the squadron are hand-picked by Bishop, and represent the very finest caliber of Macronesia's naval subfighter arm. Bishop himself has fought in more engagements and claimed more kills than any other Alliance fighter pilot living, or dead.

A political 'moderate' who does not always agree with the decisions made by President Bourne's government, Bishop is a fighter pilot who fights as a patriot - proudly bearing the flag of Australia in lieu of the red and black ensign of the Macronesian Alliance. (A uniform code which many commanders have unsuccessfully berated him for.)

Bishop's influence in the military community of Macronesia runs high. Having the ear of both the President and his Military chiefs of staff, Bishop is in the unfamiliar position for Macronesian pilots of being privy to information and decisions of the higher commands. Because of this, the 188th's assignments are routinely at the center of major Alliance operations under the direct orders of either President Bourne himself, or Alliance military chief, General Henry Adamson.

Outwardly, Bishop is forced to tow the line of his superiors. Inwardly, he bears no ill to the UEO nor its pilots - for which several UEO fighter groups such as the VF-107 Rapiers he holds great respect. His long-time wingman and friend, Commander Daniel Laney, almost never leaves his side (Both on the ground and in the water) and the two pilots have done much to influence the rules of modern Alliance subfighter combat, although curiously, the tactics employed by the 188th differ greatly from those used by the Alliance subfighter corps as a whole.

The 188th combines (and adopts) many of the highly successful doctrines exercised by the UEO which emphasise small-unit strength over formation-level tactics. While remaining well-drilled, knowledge of these skills make the 188th one of the most dangerous opponents that the UEO subfighter corps has ever faced, and to date, no UEO squadron which has come to blows with Bishop or his pilots have walked away alive... Except one.

In December 2040, the UEO VF-107 Rapiers engaged the 188th squadron near the Phoenix Islands, a battle which pitched the finest of the UEO against Macronesia's most infamous subfighter squadron. They were evenly matched, with both squadrons generally inflicting blow-for-blow against the other before finally disengaging with neither group claiming 'victory'. It was the first and only time Bishop himself flew in combat against Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock before Hitchcock stood down to a non-combat post later in 2041.

Bishop and the 188th's activities during the April-May 2041 Rising Thunder operations are not well documented, although it is widely suspected the squadron would have been present during the massive Battle for Pearl Harbor when the majority of the Alliance Navy was committed to an engagement aimed at decisively defeating the UEO Pacific Fleet; an engagement that was met with only limited success.

A lesser-known fact about the man is that he has a sister who is also a subfighter pilot. Her whereabouts are unknown, although prior to the dissolution of 2025, she was enrolled in the UEO Subfighter Academy (Before the founding of Cape Cortez). She refused a general-recall order when Australia withdrew its forces from UEO service and remained in the service of the UEO navy as an exile from her home. Whether she has survived the ensuing years of the Second Cold War, and now the Alliance-UEO War, is a question which no one can answer.

Subfighter Stats:

Assignment: 188th Tactical Fighter Squadron ("Blackravens"), Alliance 1st Fleet, 1st Fighter Division.
Squadron Position:
Callsign: CARDINAL
Tail Number: 162
Carrier Wing Fighter Number: 00
Kills: 377
Fighter Notes:
Distinct from the other fighters of the 188th, his fighter bears blood stripes on the outboard flanks of its wings, and is the only fighter in the squadron to bear the Australian naval ensign as opposed to the more common Alliance eagle.


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