Lieutenant Commander's Rank Insignia (Command)
  Silver Star Bronze Star  
North Pacific Confederation Service UEO Service Medal Macronesian Alliance Campaign (2032) Joint Services Achievement Medal (Cluster x2)
Joint Services Medal (Cluster x5) Purple Heart (Cluster x2) Expeditionary Service Medal Defence Meritorious Service Medal
European Service Medal Pacific Service Medal Second Cold War Marianas Peacekeeper
Nexus Colony Liberation; 2032 Chaodai Confederation Campaign; 2032 Special Forces Service Combat Action

Ryan Jonathan Callaghan
2nd Officer, Atlantis DSV(X) 8100

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Date of Birth: October 3rd, 2011
Age (As of 2041): 30
Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada, NORPAC Confederation
Year of Enlistment: 2029 (Age 18)
Joined UEO: 2029 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: Strategic Operations Officer. (Security and Tactical)
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: Lieutenant, UEO Attack Submarine (SSN) Warspite.


Remarks: Graduated from the UEO Naval Academy with 92.6 percent. Selected for the UEO Special Forces divisions upon graduation but declined the offer. Awarded the Purple Heart in 2033 when in combat against Macronesian forces in an incident officially denied by the UEO Command.

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Callaghan is a man best described as infinite shades of grey. His past in the navy is well documented for the most part, but his early days after leaving the academy are a mystery to even his friends as he rarely discusses the subject. (The events surrounding his early affiliation with UEO Special Forces are probably the reason for this)
Joining the UEO Naval Academy in 2029, he went through his three year tactical command course easily and with excellent grades. His first year in active service to the fleet is not well documented. At the end of his academy days, he turned down an offer to join the UEO Special Forces having completed all the basic requirements required for joining the elite troops of the military. He instead opted to enter the ranks of the Fleet Command as a tactical and security officer.

Ensign Callaghan's activities in 2032 are a total mystery to most of those who surround him. His personnel records during this year were classified and sealed and the only person aboard the Atlantis who knows what events transpired that year is Captain Mark Ainsley.
Despite this ‘black hole' of information, the many citations and decorations that come from his 2032 service record speak volumes. Awards given to him during this first year of service included the Bronze Star, Silver Star and Meritorious service medal. While his file detailing the reasons behind these awards remains classified, many of Callaghan's more observant friends have noticed – on the rare occasion that he wears a dress uniform – that his uniform includes campaign ribbons from the Macronesian Alliance, Nexus Colony and even the Chaodai Confederation.

In 2033, Callaghan's open-knowledge personnel file begins as he was assigned to the UEO Attack Submarine Valiant. But as fortune would have it, his service aboard this submarine was just as eventful as the events of 2032 as the attack sub engaged in an alarming amount of border skirmishes that prompted the UEO to believe that President Bourne of Macronesia was preparing a major offensive. In one engagement that is not officially listed in UEO files, the Valiant was involved in a major skirmish between Alliance and UEO submarines where Callaghan was wounded in action, thus adding a purple heart to his already impressive collection of accolades. Such incidents were common aboard Valiant, and go unrecognised by the vast majority of the UEO.

The battle was significant enough to amount to a possible war between the two superpowers, but UEO command denied the event happened and in the face of mounting public opinion and interest in to the incident, the Macronesian Alliance stepped down.

This injury put Callaghan out of action for nearly 3 months and ended his tour aboard the Valiant. The injuries remain with him to this day but do not seem to hinder his duties as a Tactical and Security officer.

In 2034, Callaghan was assigned to another Attack Submarine, the UEO Warspite. This assignment lasted until 2040 and saw several promotions finally leading to a rank of Lieutenant Commander.

2040 was a turning point for Callaghan's career. He was chosen from a very select list of Tactical officers by Captain Mark Ainsley to serve as the Strategic Operations officer aboard the Atlantis DSV 8100. It is suspected that his appointment to the Atlantis was a result of the undocumented activities of 2032, but it is a topic he sharply avoids, and one that Captain Ainsley will not discuss.

Callaghan is generally viewed as an “unconventional” officer who has been likened to Commander James Banick in his often mischievous antics. (While perhaps having a considerably better disciplinary record) Callaghan is good friends with most of the Atlantis' senior staff (Especially Banick) and has developed a strong friendship with fellow bridge officer Madeline Hayes. (Although their relationship went unnoticed for quite some time in the shadow of Commander Banick and his rather public romance with Natalie Canebride.)
Callaghan continues to serve as the Tactical officer aboard the Atlantis.

In 2041, during the events surrounding the Macronesian "Rising Thunder" incidents, Ryan Callaghan was involved in an intelligence gathering mission during which he was criticised by Intelligence Officer Amanda Keelan for his 'questionable' methods of gathering information. While he had done so under the 'off the record' instruction of Captain Ainsley, it was an event which raised alot of questions regarding the missing chapter of the Commander's life in the year 2032...

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Silver Star - Awarded 2032 (Classified)
  • Bronze Star - Awarded 2032 (Classified)
  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is currently an active officer of the North Sea Confederation Military Command
  • UEO Service Medal - 4 full tours of duty from 2032 to 2041
  • Macronesian Campaign Medal - Awarded 2032 (Classified)
  • Joint Services Achievement Medal (2) - For recognition of meritorious achievement in cross-service joint operations with UEO Special Forces and the UEO Marine Corps
  • Joint Services Medal (5) - For joint operations conducted with the UEO Marine Corps and UEO Special Forces; 2032-2041
  • Purple Heart (2) - Awarded first in 2033 when wounded in action aboard UEO Valiant. Awarded again in 2041 when captured by Macronesian Forces in the North Atlantic.
  • Expeditionary Service Medal - For extended services in overseas command theatres
  • Superior Defence Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded 2032 (Classified)
  • European Serice Medal - For military service in Europe (Classified)
  • Pacific Service Medal - For military service in the Pacific; 2032-2041
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2032-2040
  • Marianas Peacekeeping Medal - For peacekeeping action in the Marianas; 2036-2038
  • Nexus Colony Liberation Medal - Awarded 2032 (Classified)
  • Chaodai Campaign Medal - Classified
  • Special Forces Service Medal - For meritorious service conducted with UEO Special Forces (2035)
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran



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