Captain's Rank Insignia (Command)
Navy Cross (Posthumous) North Sea Confederation Service Medal UEO Service Medal Purple Heart (Posthumous)
Atlantic Service Medal Pacific Service medal Second Cold War Expeditionary Service Medal
Carolines Peacekeeper Marshalls Peacekeeper Good Conduct Medal Combat Action

Natalie Jacqui Canebride
3rd Officer , Atlantis DSV(X) 8100

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Date of Birth: February 20th, 2013
Age (As of 2041): 28
Place of Birth: Orléans, France, North Sea Confederation.
Year of Enlistment: 2032 (Age 19)
Joined UEO: 2032 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: Formerly; Third Officer and Helmsman No. 1
Status: Killed in Action - April 30, 2041.
Previous Assignment: Lieutenant, UEO Cruiser-Submarine (CASN) Hornet.

Remarks: Graduated top of her class in the UEO Naval Academy. Has been described by previous commander as “Diligent and Outgoing”. Earned 6 Citations throughout career aboard UEO Hornet. It was expressed that her lack of combat experience may be a weakness.

Natalie Canebride was brought up in a wealthy family living in the quiet French country city of Orléans. As a child, Canebride grew up in less than certain times as the aftermath of World War III shadowed Europe. As a result of this, she grew to take a very cautious approach to life and the choices she makes through it.

At age 19, Canebride had finished her secondary studies and had long desired to study the new frontiers of the ocean. Many stories, of course, had come from around the globe about the famed UEO seaQuest DSV, which did little to curb her enthusiasm for maritime sciences.

Upon graduation from the UEO naval academy, Ensign Canebride was assigned to the Defiance class cruiser Hornet in 2034. This one assignment would last 6 years and she would become popular among the Hornet's crew. Her tour of duty aboard the cruiser was largely without incident. Like most ships in the UEO fleet, Hornet frequently dealt with the privateer raids of Macronesian pirates in the Pacific Ocean, but never in Canebride's time aboard the cruiser was the ship involved in a major campaign. Observations made by her commanding officer suggested that her lack of any real combat experience may be a personal weakness. But aside from this, Canebride had consistently set a fine example for her colleagues, with an apparent aptitude for leadership.

In 2040, after a six-year tour of duty aboard the Hornet, then-Lieutenant Canebride applied for a transfer to the seaQuest under the glowering recommendations of her Captain, and great support from members of the Admiralty. Their decision to then deny the transfer was a crushing blow to her career, and she is said to have been left personally devastated.

Unknown to the Lieutenant, her application had not fallen on deaf ears. By this time, the UEO was searching for experienced officers to serve aboard the new Atlantis class Deep Submergence Vehicles. The transfer application was passed through the channels of command and eventually found its way to the desk of Captain Mark Ainsley.

In September of 2040, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and a new position was secured at the helm of Ainsley's command; the prototype of the new class of DSVs - the Atlantis DSX.
Throughout Atlantis' first two major assignments in the Pacific and Atlantic, Canebride had proven to be a valuable asset to the new DSV and her crew. Finding a close relationship with executive officer James Banick, she fit in to the crew easily and was once again easily able to establish a friendly rapport with her colleagues.

In only a few short months spanning from November of 2040 through to March of 2041, the small criticisms of her ability to adapt to a battle situtation had been swiftly dismissed as her calm temper and natural profficiency for her jobs saw through two major crises without incident.

Tragically, this was not to last. Only a few days after enduring some of the worst combat of the entire war, Natalie Canebride was killed in April of 2041, (Episode III: Rising Thunder) while personally risking her life to assist in the evacuation of Atlantis's marines from a Macronesian military facility. At the time of her death - and unknown to her or her colleagues - she was pregnant with the child of Atlantis's first officer, Commander James Banick. Her death has continued to hold a shadow over life aboard the DSV, and in particular, Commander Banick himself.

She was buried in her home town of Orleans in France.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Navy Cross - Awarded in 2041 (posthumously) for gallantry under fire
  • North Sea Confederation Service Medal - Was an officer of the North Sea Confederation
  • UEO Service Medal - Completed 4 full UEO tours from 2034 to 2041
  • Purple Heart - Awarded in 2041 (posthumously)
  • Atlantic Service Medal - For service in the Atlantic; 2041
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2034-2041
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2034-2040
  • Expeditionary Service Medal - For extended service in a forward operations theatre
  • Carolines Peacekeeping Medal - Awarded for peacekeeping action the Caroline Islands; 2034-2036
  • Marshall Islands Peacekeeping Medal - Awarded for peacekeeping action in the Marshall Islands; 2036-2038
  • Good Conduct Medal - Awarded in recognition of consistent service to the fleet in a manner that upholds the codes and morals of a Naval Officer
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran; 2040-2041


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