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Fighter Squadrons of the Atlantis DSV 8100

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The Deep Submergence Vehicle Atlantis 8100 serves as home base for the UEO First Carrier Sea Wing; a formation of subfighter squadrons made up of some of the most elite and most experienced squadrons in the submarine service. Amongst their ranks are pilots who have seen the worst that war could throw at them, and then walked away to tell the tale. The Subwing was re-formed in March of 2041after many years of deactivation by Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock, commanding officer of the famed VF-107 Rapiers, in preparation for a mission that would take the Atlantis deep behind enemy lines to strike a crippling blow against one of the largest assemblies of Alliance ships in the war to that point. Shortly after this, the fighter group participated in the Battle of Pearl Harbor where they successfully covered the evacuation of the island of Oahu and defended the DSVs Atlantis and seaQuest from attack by numerically superior enemy forces. At the battle's end, Wing Commander Hitchcock retired from active duty to become a flight instructor at the UEO's Cape Cortez advanced subfighter warfare school. The wing is now commanded by Wing Commander Corinn Roderick - one of Hitchcock's proteges, and Commander of the VF-115 Dark Angels.

CSW-1 continues to operate from the Atlantis DSV under her direction.


VF-107 "Rapiers"

Craft: SF-38/A Raptor II
Identifier: Alpha
Callsign: "Sword"
Motto: "One Sword At Least, Thy Rights Shall Guard"
CO: Commander Edward "Minstrel" Richards

Now under the command of Commander Edward Richards following the retirement of Gabriel Hitchcock, the VF-107 Rapiers are arguably the most infamous squadron in the entire UEO. This squadron was handpicked from the most elite aces of the UEO Navy to become the spearhead and flagship fighter unit of the fleet. Every pilot signed to the Rapiers had already achieved status as an "ace" in the navy, and without exception every one of them had already established themselves as particularly talented individual before they had even been selected for Raptor training. Some members of the UEO Admiralty were opposed to such a squadron, saying that while the combined experience of a squadron of aces may have had some short term advantages, many criticized that should the squadron every be put in an untennable position, the loss of that many elite pilots would prove a disaster for the fleet, and that many of the pilots could be putting their skills to better use in other, less experienced squadrons who didn't have anywhere near the same caliber of leadership or skill.

Nevertheless, the Rapiers survived the trial by fire, and upon commissioning of the Atlantis were assigned to the new flagship as its front-line fighter squadron. Since then, the squadron has distinguished itself proudly under the direction of Wing Commander Hitchcock, and within months of the outbreak of war they had written themselves into infamy on both sides of the border, often claiming kill ratios that were completely unheard of, often inciting questions from higher ranking officers as to the accuracy of the combat reports they were reading. The Rapiers have been involved in every major action the Atlantis herself has seen, and have the present distinction of being the only UEO subfighter squadron to have engaged the Alliance's elite 188th Tactical Fighter Squadron (better known in UEO circles as the "Blackravens"...) and walked away.

At present, the Rapiers are under the command of Edward Richards - a veteran of the disastrous Battle of Ryukyu trench; a battle which made as many aces as it killed. Richards was one of the few members of the VF-111 Rangers to survive the engagement, and entered a brief period of 'retirement' before being recalled by Corinn Roderick to assume command of the Rapiers.

Pilots of the Rapiers:

Rapier 1: Commander Edward Richards
Rapier 2: Lieutenant Commander Jane Roberts (Callsign "Deadstick")
Rapier 3: Lieutenant Commander Wilhelm Shraeder (Callsign "Reaper")
Rapier 4: Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey Tomlinson (Callsign "Teabag")
Rapier 5: Lieutenant William Mason
Rapier 6: Lieutenant Alexander Kosynski
Rapier 7: Lieutenant Jacques Toussaint
Rapier 8: Lieutenant J.G. Samuel Miles
Rapier 9: Lieutenant J.G. James Hargrove
Rapier 10: Ensign David Jackson
Rapier 11: Ensign Hans Richthoffen (Callsign "Blue Baron")
Rapier 12: Ensign Antonio Bardem


VF-115 "Dark Angels"

Craft: SF-38/A Raptor II
Identifier: Charlie
Callsign: "Halo"
Motto: "Exanimus et Immortalis"
CO: Wing Commander Corinn "Archangel" Roderick

VF-115 was created in 2040 alongside the Rapiers by Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock. Corinn Roderick - a long-time protege - was given command of the squadron shortly thereafter, and given the choice of any pilots she wanted to fill out the squadron's ranks. Because of this, the Dark Angels are arguably as tempered and hardened in combat as the Rapiers themselves, and this has frequently led to friendly tension between the two squadrons. Initially, the Dark Angels were not assigned to the Atlantis, but rather her sistership Aquarius shortly after her commissioning. For 6 months, the squadron was embarked about the Aquarius DSV serving along the combat front of the Pacific theatre. The Dark Angels saw no shortage of combat, moving from battlezone to battlezone, rendering aid to units of the embattled UEO Second Fleet on an almost daily basis for a period of several weeks in early 2041.

The Dark Angel's last major action aboard the Aquarius DSV was the rescue of UEO subfighter forces in the Ryukyu Trench. It was after this action that the squadron gained a reputation as being the "guardian angels" of the second fleet, and gained some small degree of notoriety in the Alliance for being the only UEO subfighter squadron to fly Raptors painted entirely black. Their performance in battle - often attributed to being little more than a formation of deathly black shadows swooping down on unsuspecting Alliance subfighters to wipe them from existence - has given them several other monikers amongst the ranks of the Macronesian Alliance Subfighter Corps. Amongst them; the "Black Aces", "Grim Reapers" or simply "Demons of Ryukyu."

Wing Commander Corinn Roderick's reputation is not one necessarily common of subfighter pilots. Cool-headed and relentless when in the cockpit, she's often described as being cold and unapproachable by those who know her on reputation alone. Those fortunate enough to have served with her know her to have a warmer, more cavalier side which is seldom seen outside a small circle of pilots. (Generally those in either the Rapiers or Dark Angels themselves)
Curiously, it isn't this which she is known for. It is frequently joked that the reason for the Dark Angel's fame is her status as the unnoficial pin-up girl of just about every pilot in the fleet... And that any man wanting to 'engage' her would have more luck trying to shoot her down in the cockpit of a Raptor.
(...Neither is very likely...)

Pilots of the Dark Angels:

Dark Angel 1: Wing Commander Corinn Roderick (Callsign "Archangel")
Dark Angel 2: Lieutenant Commander Dustin Coyle (Callsign "Bouncer")
Dark Angel 3: Lieutenant Jake Seabury
Dark Angel 4: Lieutenant Sanjei Kasumiko
Dark Angel 5: Lieutenant Alejandro Chavez
Dark Angel 6: Lieutenant J.G. Brooke Anderson
Dark Angel 7: Lieutenant J.G. Charles Spencer
Dark Angel 8: Lieutenant J.G. Jason Sheridan
Dark Angel 9: Ensign Jack Pickford
Dark Angel 10: Ensign Nigel Thompson
Dark Angel 11: Ensign Malcolm Townes
Dark Angel 12: Ensign Caitlin Walsh


VF-117 "Stallions"

Craft: SF-37/F Raptor I
Identifier: Delta
Callsign: "Stag"
Motto: "Per Mare ad Bellum"
CO: Commander Justin "Horseman" Daniels

The number-three squadron aboard DSV-8100, the VF-117 Stallions have an illustrious record of service that extends as far back as 2036. Often the alert squadron for Atlantis's two premiere fighter units, the Rapiers and Dark Angels, the Stallions have seen combat in every major action that the ship has participated in. Despite bearing the brunt of the fighter wing's casualties on several ocassions, their commander, Justin Daniels, is a confidant and experienced pilot who has held the squadron together through some of the worst combat in the UEO-Alliance war. The Stallions enjoy an excellent professional and personal rapport with the Rapiers and Dark Angels, and when these two squadrons are away on sortie, the defence of Atlantis itself usually falls to the pilots of the 117th.



VF-108 "Cavaliers"

Craft: SF-37/F Raptor I
Identifier: Echo
Callsign: "Cavalry"
Motto: "Suffer no Insult"
CO: Commander Mikhail "Cossack" Buran

Atlantis's first reserve unit, the VF-108 Cavaliers have served on the DSV since the events of Operation Black Rain, and the reformation of the 1st Carrier Sea Wing in April/May 2041. Since then, the Cavaliers have generally found themselves tasked with escort duty of Atlantis's SEWACS squadron, and often share CAP duties with the VF-117 Stallions. Their commander, Mikhail Buran was born in the Ukraine and originally served in the North Sea Confederation's 12 Squadron in the North Atlantic, having logged over three thousand hours in the NSC Tornado subfighter before being transferred to UEO service to fly the SF-37 Raptor. The Squadron remained with Atlantis until September 2041.


VF-122 "Wildcards"

Craft: SF-38/A Raptor II
Identifier: Foxtrot
Callsign: "Spade"
Motto: "Nothing to Chance"
CO: Megan "Brimstone" Pyranne

VF-122 are known aboard Atlantis as the "Lucky Aces" - throughout their service aboard the DSV (which began shortly after the ship's commissioning) they have never lost a pilot. (although the same cannot be said for their Raptors...) Commander Megan Pyranne, a veteran of the Chaodai conflict of 2038, has commanded the squadron since 2039. They saw combat during Wing Commander Hitchcock's Operation Black Rain, and went on to serve with distinction in the UEO defence of Pearl Harbor later that same month. During that battle, seven of the squadron's Raptors were knocked out of action, although all of the pilots ejected safely. The Wildcards remained with the Atlantis throughout the Cape Horn crisis where they provided CAP duty for Atlantis during its stay at Fernandez Colony. They were transferred to the UEO Saratoga in September 2041.



VF-127 "Eagles"

Craft: SF-38/A Raptor II
Identifier: Golf
Callsign: "Blackbird"
Motto: "Dux Bellorum"
CO: Commander Louis "Snookered" Jameson

Like the Rapiers and Stallions, the VF-127 Eagles have been assigned to the UEO Atlantis DSV since the day of her commissioning. Often working in tandem with the VF-122 Wildcards, the Eagles distinguished themselves in several major battles throughout the course of the war's first six months, and were the only Atlantis-based squadron to engage in combat in the hard-fought Battle for Ryukyu Trench. (An engagement in which Atlantis herself did not participate) In January 2041, the Eagles were briefly assigned to the 5th Carrier Sea Wing aboard the UEO Royal Oak while Atlantis carried out operations in the Atlantic. The squadron aided in the defence of that carrier and her battlegroup during the Chaodai attacks of that same month before being transferred back to the Atlantis in March upon her return to the Pacific theatre. The squadron went on to fight in Operation Black Rain and the defence of Pearl Harbor. Their commanding officer, Commander Louis Jameson, was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions during the later.


VMF-120 "Grey Knights"

Craft: SF-37/J Raptor I
Identifier: Hotel
Callsign: "Templar"
Motto: "Ex Profundus Inferis"
CO: Captain Nicholas "Squeak" Chambers

Atlantis's only squadron of Marine fighter pilots, the VMF-120 Grey Knights are one of the most understated units in the entire sea wing. As part of Atlantis's marine contingent, the Grey Knights are the only squadron aboard Atlantis to fly the SF-37/J Raptor commonly used by the UEOMC. Their most significant action was during the battle for Marinduque Island where they successfully covered the ingress of amphibious forces that hit Marinduque Island's beaches, destroying an entire squadron of Chaodai Xiao-Yu class subfighters before engaging and sinking Komodo-class cruiser in the straits of Boracay.



VT-101 "Paladins"

Craft: SFB-6/A Stormhawk
Identifier: India
Callsign: "Gauntlet"
Motto: "Vae Victis"
CO: Major Charles "Chucky" Baxter

As much as the VF-107 Rapiers stand tall and proud as the UEO's premiere fighter squadron, the pilots of the 101st Bomber Squadron represent the finest caliber of the UEO's attack fighter pilots. The Paladins were established as a mixed Navy-Marine squadron by Major Charles Baxter in 2038 during the height of fighting the Challenger campaign against the Chaodai. Originally flying the aging, but heavily armed SFA-27 Barracuda, the squadron distinguished itself in a series of major actions throughout the campaign before being transferred to the SFB-6/A Stormhawk in late 2040. Their two most notable actions since being assigned to the Atlantis include the assault on Marinduque Island during Operation Black Rain, where - along with the Tigerclaws - they sank nine Macronesian Honorious class Fleet Carriers before routing what was left of the base, and the subsequent battle for Pearl Harbor, where they heavily engaged with the main force of the Alliance fleet and crippled many critical targets. Often the subject of jokes from Raptor pilots for their large, ungainly craft, the Paladins nonetheless enjoy a feared and respected reputation for their actions, and carry with them a proud mantra that no matter how large or impressive the target, they can - and will - blow it to pieces.


VT-106 "Tigerclaws"

Craft: SFB-6/A Stormhawk
Identifier: Juliet
Callsign: "Stripes"
Motto: "Let Slip the Cats of War"
CO: Commander Patrick "Karnage" Hawke

The second of Atlantis's bomber contingent, the 106th Bomber Squadron, under the command of Commander Patrick "Karnage" Hawke support the Paladins in operations against targets so hard, well defended or protected that the lighter Raptor squadrons are incapable of defeating them. Hawke himself has the distinction of being the only UEO pilot to have ever downed an SA-33 Broadsword from the cockpit of an SFB-6 Stormhawk bomber using a 2000-pound "Slammer" anti-ship torpedo. The Tigerclaws were assigned to the Atlantis until September of 2041, when they were redeployed to the UEO Heracles.


VAW-2 "Longshots"

Craft: SEW-3/A Orca
Identifier: Bravo
Callsign: Varies
Motto: "Sight Unseen"
CO: Commander Rebecca "Stormtide" Raincastle

The unsung heroes of the First Carrier Seawing, the pilots of the Second Electronic Warfare squadron's 8th detachment are the eyes and ears of the entire battlegroup, often loitering far from the main battle and high above, providing intelligence, sensor and sonar information to every squadron engaged in combat. Their detachment commander, Commander Rebecca Raincastle serves as Atlantis's Flight Operations Director from the ship itself, while operational command of the squadron belongs to SEWACS Bravo-47, known to the pilots of CSW-1 only as "Warseer". Ultimately, in the field of battle, the Wing Commander herself often finds that the flight directors of VAW-2 are the only real authority; providing an invaluable picture and perspective of an engagement, without ever giving away their positions. Without the officers of VAW-2, CSW-1 would not exist.

Pilots of the Longshots:

Bravo-47 "Warseer" - Commander Jackson Allenfort
Bravo-48 "Roulette" - Commander Lewis Turner
Bravo-49 "Blackour" - Commander Damian Welles
Bravo-50 "Riddler" - Commander Raymond Kelly


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