Samuel Eugene Ezard
Director, UEO Section Seven

Rank: Vice Admiral
Date of Birth: October 9th, 1986 (From enlistment records only)
Age (As of 2041): 55
Place of Birth: Not on file.
Joined UEO: 2017
Current Assignment: Section Seven.
Position: Director of UEO Section Seven Counter-Intelligence
Previous Assignment: Unknown.





Remarks: Samuel Ezard is a man veiled in secrecy, and while not one of the most prominent of officers within the UEO, he is undoubtedly one of the most influential. Ezard has been the Director of UEO Counter-Intelligence for over 6 years and it is widely believed that he was involved heavily with the DSX Development projects.

No one really knows much about Samuel Ezard's early years of life. Nothing before his enlistment in the UEO in 2017 is known at all, and like so many other officers in the clandestine UEO Intelligence Organization known as Section Seven, Ezard ‘disappeared' for the better part of his career.

It makes it incredibly difficult to account for the events of his career when in fact, he does not have a personnel file. Samuel Eugene Ezard; for all intents and purposes, does not exist.
What has perked much interest however, is what occurred in his career during the 2025 “Great Dissolution.” His superiors noted that they had seen a profound change on an extremely deep and personal level, and he underwent an intense psychological examination to assess his fitness for continuing duty in Section Seven.

Ten years later in 2035, he had risen through the ranks of the intelligence community and became the director of Section Seven at the age of 50. This promotion saw many changes in the way the organization operated. It slowly transformed from an “Intelligence” community to what would, by 2040, become the un-acknowledged counter-intelligence and black operations outfit of the UEO. While not officially confirmed, it is believed that Section Seven played a major role in the development of the Deep Submergence Vehicles with Ezard being personally in charge of many details pertaining to the project.

In 2040 following the dismissal of Secretary General Arthur Dallinsley, Ezard was criticized by several high ranking officers of the military for Section Seven's failure to act during the crisis. (Matters of Internal Security fall in to the jurisdiction of Section Seven) Despite this, he survived the brief turmoil, and remained at his post. The reasons for this are not entirely known, although it is suspected that the current Secretary-General - Nathan Bridger - keeps more than one careful eye on the higher offices of Section Seven…

Ezard disappeared, along with much of his organization, in May of 2041 shortly after the Rising Thunder crisis that led to a full-scale Alliance Invasion of the UEO. Section Seven, now believed by many to be responsible for numerous acts of treason against the UEO, vanished without a trace... The enigmatic Admiral Ezard fading in to the shadows with it.

It is known that Section Seven controls at least one Deep Submergence Vehicle of the Odyssey Class. (Believed to be the UEO Pegasus) How many other resources the organization has at its disposal is unknown.



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