Lieutenant Commander's Rank Insignia (Command)
  North Pacific Confederation Service Medal UEO Service Medal  
Purple Heart Meritorious Service Medal Atlantic Service Pacific Service
Challenger Colony Liberation Marianas Peacekeeper Good Conduct Medal Combat Action

Madeline Rachel Hayes
3rd Officer, Atlantis DSV(X) 8100

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Date of Birth: April 12th, 2010
Age (As of 2041): 31
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, USA, NORPAC Confederation
Year of Enlistment: 2030 (Age 20)
Joined UEO: 2030 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: 3rd Officer, Helmsman No. 1 and Mission Specialist in Marine Biology.
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: Lieutenant, UEO Headquarters, Pearl Harbour. Liaison to Admiral Collins

Remarks: Graduated from the UEO Academy with a 90 percent grade average. Served as Admiral James Collins' aid during the years 2039 and 2040. Awarded 4 citations throughout career.

Lieutenant Commander Hayes joined the UEO Academy after finished a university degree in Marine Science at the Ballard Maritime College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2030. Hayes' experience in the UEO navy is unique as she has changed positions within the fleet's hierarchy numerous times. Initially, her tours of duty took her through some of the most uncertain times of the UEO during the early 2030s when she served as the Helm officer on board 2 UEO Submarines.

In 2039 however, she moved from the fleet command to a more docile position at the UEO Headquarters as the personal aide to Admiral James Collins. Her duties were often limited, and quickly she grew tired of the position as it became clear that the line of work would get her no where in a world of political issues.
Despite starting her career on the UEO Flagship during rocky times, Hayes quickly fit in to the Atlantis crew. Since then, she has served as Natalie Canebride's opposite at the helm of the DSV.

Madeline Hayes
Madeline Hayes aboard DSV-8100, Atlantis

After going through the UEO Academy and receiving an extraordinarily high grade average, and in the top 10 percent of her class, Ensign Hayes was assigned to the UEO Attack Submarine Independence. Her duty aboard the SSN was eventful as she held the helm position and often found her submarine in the middle of border skirmishes between Mercenaries and the occasional tangle with the Alliance navy. Her skill at the helm and often insightful yet polite suggestions about courses of action made her a popular officer among both the crew and senior staff. Her tour of duty aboard the Independence began in 2033 and ran until 2035 when she opted for a transfer to the UEO Carrier Liberty. This posting ironically (The vessel was nearly always on frontline duty) saw little combat action until 2038 when it was responsible for launching strikes on the Chaodai-held Challenger colony along the Japan trench. The campaign lasted for a little over 2 weeks when the Chaodai confederation finally pulled out of the region under intense political pressure from the Macronesian Alliance.

Come 2039, Hayes was in need of a change of posting. Never one to hold down the same post for any great length of time, her 4 year post on board the Liberty had grown tiresome, and her Captain endorsed a posting to the UEO Headquarters in Pearl Harbor.

For one year beginning in January of 2039, Hayes served as an aid to the Brass of UEO Command. While there, she was introduced to her future Captain (Mark Ainsley) numerous times, and her apparent aptitude for command was noted by the elder Captain.

In 2040, Hayes applied for a position in the rumoured “DSV II” project (Later revealed as the DSX project) and underwent an intensive training and selection course. (This was performed as a side to her duties as Admiral Collins' aid) Passing the grade, her final application was endorsed by both Collins and Captain Ainsley.
She joined the Atlantis crew in November of 2040.

In 2041, Madeline began developing a strong personal relationship with tactical Officer Ryan Callaghan. She stumbled over the death of her close colleague Natalie Canebride, and was confronted with the cold reality that Callaghan may have alot more to his past than he would freely admit. In a war with many casualties and dark truths, Madeline Hayes finds herself falling away from a past of carefree innocence, and further in to the darkest recesses of the war.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is an officer of NORPAC Command
  • UEO Service Medal - Has completed 5 UEO tours; 2033-2041
  • Purple Heart - Wounded in Action in the North Atlantic, 2041
  • Meritorious Service Medal - In recognition of meritorious service to the fleet; 2039
  • Atlantic Service Medal - For service in the Atlantic, 2041
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2033-2040, 2041
  • Challenger Liberation Medal - Veteran of the Challenger Colony Campaign of 2038
  • Marianas Peacekeeping Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Marianas; 2038-2039
  • Good Conduct Medal - Awarded in recognition of consistent service to the fleet in a manner that upholds the codes and morals of a Naval Officer
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran


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