Wing Commander's Rank Insignia (Command)
United Earth Oceans Organization Medal of Honor
UEO Navy Cross
Distinguished Service Cross
Silver Star (Cluster x2)
Bronze Star (Cluster x3)
North Pacific Confederation Service
UEO Service Medal
Defence Superior Service Medal
Macronesian Campaign; 2030
Joint Services Achievement Medal (Cluster x2)
Joint Services Medal (Cluster x6)
Legion of Merit
Expeditionay Service Medal
Defence Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Atlantic Service Medal
Pacific Service Medal
Second Cold War
Palau Peacekeeper
Carolines Peacekeeper
Marshalls Peacekeeper Challenger Liberation Marianas Peacekeeper Solomon Islands Peacekeeper
Chaodai Campaign; 2032 Philippines Peacekeeper Good Conduct Medal Combat Action

Gabriel John Hitchcock
Commander, Carrier Sea Wing 1, DSV-8100 (Rapier One, callsign "Swordsman")

Rank: Wing Commander
Date of Birth: August 4th, 2000
Age (As of 2041): 40
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, NORPAC Confederation.
Year of Enlistment: 2020 (Age 20)
Joined UEO: 2020 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: Flight Instuctor - UEO Cape Cortez Academy.
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignments: Wing Commander of Carrier Sea Wing One aboard UEO Atlantis DSV 8100 and Commander of the VF-107 Rapiers. Previously; Squadron Commander – Spectre Flight Echo (VF-61) onboard UEO sub carrier Constellation.

Remarks: Graduated from UEO sub-fighter academy with honours. Decorated 4 times during career including once in 2032 for heroism along with the rest of his squadron and again in 2038 for distinguished service. He is one of the top 6 pilots in the UEO navy.

Gabriel Hitchcock is one of the longest serving fighter jockeys in the UEO. With over 20 years of service under his belt, he is easily the most recognised name in the UEO fighter corps.

For the first 10 years of his life, Hitchcock grew up in the very centre of the pacific theatre of World War Three – Hawaii. Born to 2 American parents, Gabriel Hithcock has a sister who is known for having served aboard the first seaQuest during its 2018 tour of duty. Hitchcock was always in love with both the sea and fighter aircraft and he could often be found watching the always-busy naval base at Pearl Harbour from his Parent’s veranda.
In 2020, he enlisted in the newly-formed UEO and went through the sub-fighter school of the naval academy. (Cape Cortez had not yet been founded) It was a new line of work which had never been seen before – high speed fighter craft performing their duties at the other extreme of ‘flying’ - beneath the surface of the ocean.

Upon his graduation in 2022, he was among the first full-time sub fighter pilots in not only the UEO, but also the world. Seeing as how many of the US naval aviators of the quickly-obsolete surface carriers also applied for the new underwater assignments, Hitchcock missed out on his chance to command a squadron until 3032.

Before this time however, Hitchcock had seen many skirmishes during the uncertain times of the Great Dissolution and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by 2027.
In 2030, Hitchcock was promoted again to the rank of Commander and given the XO position in the VF-61 Avengers. This squadron would quickly become one of the most tragic names in the UEO fighter corps in 2032 when, while on a routine escort for a UEO Attack Cruiser, the Defiant, they were ambushed by Macronesian forces. The resulting skirmish left 7 out of 12 of the Spectre pilots dead including the squadron commander. Left in command of the badly-mauled squadron, Hitchcock disobeyed the orders from the downed cruiser-class submarine to withdraw. Hitchcock and what was left of the Spectres defended the crippled submarine until reinforcements could arrive and consequently saved the lives of over 100 crew members on board the Defiant. During this engagement, Hitchcock personally accounted for 12 kills, and this is an engagement record that still stands today.
This heroic action saw him decorated and promoted to the position of Wing Commander of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Group. Later that year he was given a permanent assignment to VF-61 as its new Commanding Officer.

When the UEO called for a new sub fighter class that would eventually rake the role of main-stay fighter from the SFA-2 Spectre in 2040, Wing Commander Hitchcock was one of the natural choices for a command of one of the new squadrons. His experience with fighter combat was practically unsurpassed in the UEO fleet.

In 2040, he took command of the VF-107 Rapiers – the first of the UEO’s “Elite” Squadrons – aboard the Atlantis DSV 8100.

It should be noted that at the time, there were only 6 actively-flying pilots in the entire UEO navy that held the rank of “Wing Commander”. Commander Hitchcock was one of them, Corinn Roderick is another. Usually, Wing Commanders hold desk jobs in administrative positions.

Following 6 months of duty with the Rapiers, and almost constant action on the frontlines - both Pacific and Atlantic - Commander Hitchcock hung up his boots for the last time. Following the battle of Pearl Harbor, where he earned the Medal of Honor for his actions, he resigned command of the Rapiers to Commander Ed Richards and gave over his position as Atlantis's Wing Commander to close friend and professional colleague, Wing Commander Corinn Roderick. He now serves as the head flight instructor at the United Earth Ocean's elite subfighter combat school at Cape Cortez, taking his place amongst the true "Top Guns" of the world's best.

Hitchcock has been married since 2032, but has no children.

1st Carrier Sea Wing Stats:

Assignment: VF-107 Rapiers ("Alpha Squadron")
Squadron Position:
Tail Number: 01
Carrier Wing Fighter Number: 00
Kills: 449
Fighter Notes:
Nose art is a black ace of spades with the name "Black Ace". His fighter's tail number of "01" bears significance, as it was the first SF-38/A delivered to any unit in the UEO fleet.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • UEO Medal of Honor - Awarded in 2041 for conspicuous heroism displayed during the Battle for Pearl Harbor
  • Navy Cross - Awarded to the 5 surviving pilots of the VF-61 Avengers in 2032 for gallantry under fire in defence of the UEO Defiant
  • Distinguished Service Cross - Awarded in 2038 in recognition of distinguished service to the Navy
  • Silver Star (2) - Awarded first in 2027 during the Great Dissolution of the UEO for gallantry in action against New Australian Confederation forces, and then again in 2035 for similarly gallant distinction against rebel forces in the Marianas.
  • Bronze Star (3) - Awarded three times in 2025, 2036 and 2039 for meritorious achivement under fire.
  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is an officer of the North Pacific Confederation
  • UEO Service Medal - 9 UEO tours of duty; 2023-2041
  • Defence Superior Service Medal - Awarded in 2035 in recognition of superior service displayed in action and in peacetime for the United Earth Oceans.
  • Macronesian Campaign Medal - Veteran of the Macronesian Campaign of 2030
  • Joint Services Achievement Medal (2) - Awarded twice for achivement when serving in joint operations with the UEO Marine Corps
  • Joint Services Medal (6) - Awarded six times for service in joint operations with the UEO Marine Corps, UEO Special Forces and UEO Air Force.
  • Legion of Merit - In recognition of individual, conspicuous service to the Navy; 2023-2033
  • Expeditionary Service Medal - For expeditionary service to the UEO Navy; 2027-2030
  • Defence Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded in 2030 for recognition of meritorious service in action
  • Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded in 2029 for recognition of meritorious service in peacetime
  • Atlantic Service Medal - For service in the Atlantic; 2041
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2023-2040, 2041
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the second cold war; 2025-2040
  • Palau Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in Palau
  • Carolines Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Caroline Islands
  • Marshalls Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Marshall Islands
  • Challenger Liberation Medal - Veteran of the Challenger Colony campaign of 2038
  • Marianas Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Marianas
  • Solomons Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Solomon Islands
  • Chaodai Campaign Medal - Veteran of the Chaodai campaign; 2032
  • Philippines Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Philippines
  • Good Conduct Medal -
  • Awarded in recognition of consistent service to the fleet in a manner that upholds the codes and morals of a Naval Officer
  • Combat Action Citation - Combat Veteran


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