Captain's Rank Insignia (Command)
Silver Star
Bronze Star
North Pacific Confederation Service Medal
UEO Service Medal
Defence Superior Service Medal
Macronesian Campaign Medal; 2030
Joint Services Achievement (Cluster x2)
Joint Services Medal (Cluster x5)
Legion of Merit
Expeditionary Service
Defence Meritorious Service Medal
Pacific Service
Second Cold War
Solomons Peacekeeper
Marianas Peacekeeper
Palau Peacekeeper
Marshalls Peacekeeper
Chaodai Campaign; 2032
  Good Conduct Medal Combat Action  

Lauren Caitlin Hornsby
Commanding Officer, Aquarius DSV 8200

Rank: Captain
Date of Birth: September 21st, 2005
Age (As of 2041): 35
Place of Birth: San Angeles Colony, NORPAC Confederation
(Later: State of San Angeles; see also: 52nd State of the Union.)
Year of Enlistment: 2022 (Age 17)
Joined UEO: 2022 (Year of Enlistment)
Current Assignment: UEO Aquarius DSV 8200
Position: Commanding Officer
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: CO, UEO Victory, CASN-174 (Rank of Commander held)

Remarks: One of the youngest people to ever achieve the rank of ‘Captain' at only 35. Rapid promotion was attained through the demonstration of outstanding performances throughout her various postings. Aquarius is – amazingly - her first command assignment as a Captain.

In 2041, Lauren Hornsby is one of the best known Captains in the UEO Fleet. Not so much because of her position as the Commanding Officer of one of the UEO's largest warships, but mostly because she attained such a position at such a remarkably young age.

Lauren Hornsby is among the first of a new generation – born and raised at sea at one of the first sub-surface colonies established by the major world confederations; San Angeles. (San Angeles became the 52nd state of the United States of America in 2020 after Puerto Rico became the 51st in 2010)
She was raised in turbulent times, with the first 17 years of her life being spent throughout the rocky aftermath of the third world war. As humanity stretched in to the oceans, new and previously unconsidered hazards such as submarine pirates, smugglers and mercenaries began to establish themselves, constantly preying on fledgling colonies such as San Angeles.

It was a childhood that prompted her to join the UEO Naval Academy in 2022, and it became immediately apparent to her lecturers and instructors that she would become an incredibly talented officer. Consistently scoring grades that topped her class, she graduated as an Ensign in mid-2024. Her first assignment would be the newly-commissioned UEO Aegis SSN-102; one of the first submarines of the Trident class.
While aboard the Aegis, Hornsby would meet a junior British-hailed Commander by the name of Mark Ainsley. The considerable difference in their rank and positions meant that they never really fraternized much because of the general company they kept, but Hornsby was a rising star, and by 2027 when she finally left the Aegis at the end of a three-and-a-half year tour of duty, the brilliant young Ensign had risen to the rank of full Lieutenant.

Commencing in 2028, Lieutenant Hornsby was assigned to the newly-commissioned UEO Halford; another Trident class submarine on which she would serve for another 4 years, and earn her yet another promotion to Lieutenant Commander after several situations where she was forced to take command of the submarine during crisis situations. She was constantly decorated with commendations and citations, and when she left the Submarine in 2032, she was quickly given a high-profile position aboard the new Poseidon class Sub-Carrier Enterprise, SCVN-46.

The following 8 years would slow down for Lauren Hornsby. She would be promoted to Commander in 2036 and be given her first command assignment as the commanding officer of the cruiser UEO Victory, CASN-174; a post which would gain her much recognition in the fleet as a brilliant – if young – commander. She was apparently able to handle almost anything thrown her way. On numerous occasions, the Victory was sent directly in to harms way, and every time it returned with a performance record that went unmatched in her battlegroup.

In 2040, UEO Command was still silently sifting through names of Captains to take command of the first new DSVs. Lauren Hornsby was not on the list. Still with the rank of “Commander”, she was not eligible for command of a warship that classified as a fleet flagship, but there were those in fleet command who believed that such a brilliant officer may be precisely the kind of person they needed in command of the DSVs.
By the time any decisions were made, command of the Atlantis had already been given to Mark Ainsley – the most senior Captain of the UEO fleet at the time. The idea of putting a Commander in charge of the Aquarius was preposterous, but the fact remained: Hornsby had more combat experience than almost every other Captain in the navy.
And so, a controversial and widely debated decision was made: On September 21st, 2040 (Also the day of her 35th birthday) Lauren Hornsby was promoted to Captain, and made the list of officers who had been short listed for command of the Aquarius.

It was a paradox like no other: Atlantis had been given to the UEO's most senior captain… and now Aquarius looked like it may be given to the most junior. The fact she was even on the list was remarkable enough, but gleaming recommendations from her past Commanding Officers, and even the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, along with her accumulated command experience aboard the Victory sealed any debate in the matter.
In November 2040, Captain Lauren Hornsby wrote herself in to the history books as being the youngest woman to ever achieve the rank of Captain, and assumed command of DSV 8200: The Aquarius.

In 2041, Captain Hornsby and the Aquarius headed the relief effort of the devastated South Pacific Confederation country of Chile following what was later revealed to be an act of terror by rogue UEO intelligence officers. In May, just over a week later, she led the Aquarius in to Battle at Pearl Harbor where the submarine took severe damage from a Nycarian Nexus Class Battleship. She continues to serve as the Commanding officer of the submarine.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Silver Star - Awarded in 2032 for gallantry displayed during service in the Chaodai Campaign
  • Bronze Star - Awarded in 2038 for meritorious service in action during Peackeeping service in the Palau Islands.
  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is currently an officer of NORPAC Command
  • UEO Service Medal - 8 UEO tours; 2025 - 2041
  • Defence Superior Service Medal - Awarded in 2038 for recognition of superior services displayed in her duties to the UEO Navy
  • Macronesian Campaign Medal - Veteran of the Macronesian Campaign of 2030
  • Joint Services Achievement Medal (2) - Awarded for achivement while serving in joint operations with UEO Marine Corps, 2035 and 2037
  • Joint Services Medal (5) - Awarded 5 times for joint operations participation conducted with the UEO Marine Corps and UEO Army
  • Legion of Merit - In recognition of individual, conspicuous service to the Navy; 2025-2035
  • Expeditionary Service Medal - For military service overseas; Chaodai Confederation, Macronesian Alliance, South Pacific Confederation.
  • Defence Meritorious Service Medal - For meritorious service in action during the Second Cold War; 2025-2040
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2025-2041
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2025-2040
  • Solomons Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Solomon Islands
  • Marianas Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Marianas
  • Palau Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in Palau
  • Marshalls Peacekeeper Medal - For peacekeeping service in the Marshall Islands
  • Chaodai Campaign Medal - Veteran of the 2032 Chaodai campaign
  • Good Conduct Medal - For recognition of meritorious, exemplary service in the fleet; 2036
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran


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