Commander's Rank Insignia (Intelligence)
Silver Star
Legion of Merit
North Pacific Confederation Service Medal
North Sea Confederation Service Medal
UEO Service Medal
European Service
Meritorious Service Medal
Second Cold War
Expeditionary Service Medal
Joint Services Medal (Cluster x3)

Amanda Jessica Keelan
UEO Intelligence Officer

Rank: Commander
Date of Birth: August 9th, 2009
Age (As of 2041): 32
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Year of Enlistment: 2028 (Age 19)
Joined UEO: 2028
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2041 (Temporary posting)
Position: Intelligence Liaison, detached service
Previous Assignment: CLASSIFIED


Remarks: Works in UEO Section Seven under Admiral Samuel Ezard. Not much is known about her past.


Career Summary:
2028: Enlisted in UEO Naval Academy
2031: Graduated from Naval Academy
2031: Commenced active duty in Intelligence
2031-Present: UNKNOWN

Section 7 Career Summary:
CLASSIFIED. See additional files: UEOS7: Personnel: ZH263-3487-EJ1

Academy Grades:
Preliminary Command (Introductory): 90
Preliminary Naval Law: 85
Preliminary Social Psychology: 99
Preliminary Command Psychology: 92
Introduction to Military Sociology: 96
Introduction to Philosophy and Logic: 93
Command Psychology: 89
Criminal Psychology (Law): 84
Social Psychology: 91
Social Psychology Extension 1: 95
Command Psychology Extension 1: 93

Total: 91.5 Percent - Full Course.
Dux - Command School. (98th Percentile rating)
Majors: Command, Social Psychology
Minors: Criminal Psychology
Honours awarded.


With the above information being the limit to Commander Keelan's acknowledged UEO career, one must wonder what her Section 7 file actually contains. Without doubt, her constant high marks throughout command school made an impression on those within Section 7's ranks as she was almost immediately assigned to some of the highest echelons of the Intelligence Service.
As of 2041, it is known that Commander Keelan has been assigned to a taskforce under Admiral Ezard directed with mission of countering “Rising Thunder”; a presumed Macronesian operation that presents what is likely an exceptional threat to the UEO.
In April of 2041, Keelan was assigned to the UEO Atlantis DSV 8100 as an Intelligence liaison amid fears that the Alliance was about to go on the all-out offensive. Her presence on the UEO flagship is only as an observer, but many crew members are uncomfortable with her position on the submarine. She answers only to Captain Ainsley, and above all - Admiral Ezard.

After a short period of service aboard the Atlantis DSV as part of a detached assignment issues by Admiral Ezard, an attempt was made on Commander Keelan's life as she came close to discovering the truth behind the Rising Thunder operation. She was found by medical staff of the Atlantis in time to stabilize her greivous condition. In a coma - her life in the balance - she was transferred to a UEO Hospital ship during the evacuation of Hawaii just before the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Her current whereabouts and status is unknown.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Silver Star - Awarded in 2037 (Further details classified)
  • Legion of Merit - Awarded in 2039 in recognition of extended meritorious service to Fleet Intelligence
  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is an active officer of NORPAC command
  • North Sea Confederation Service Medal - For service with the North Sea Intelligence Service, 2036 (Further details classified)
  • UEO Service Medal - 5 UEO tours; 2031-2041
  • European Service Medal - For service in the UEO European Command; 2036
  • Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded in 2035 for meritorious service to the UEO
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2031-2041
  • Expeditionary Service Medal - For foreign service (Time of award and details classified)
  • Joint Services Medal (3) - For joint operations with the UEO Navy and Marine Corps. Dates classified.



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