Nycarian Neureon class Cruiser

Ships of Class :
RNV Neureon
RNV Nartuum
Others unknown. Fleet size known to number at least 16 vessels

Nycarian designations have no classification for this ship.
UEO vessel identification standards categorize the Neureon as a Heavy or Battle Cruiser

R&D Cost:

Construction Costs:
Unknown. Level of technology makes it difficult to estimate.

Keel laid:
Neureon - 2030(?)

Neureon - 2032(?)

Neureon - 2032(?)

Current Homeport:
Cape Town, Nycarian South African Province.

Submerged Displacement:
Approximately 70,000 tonnes

Length: 280 meters (918 feet)
Beam: 96 meters (315 feet)
Wingspan: 96 meters (315 feet)
Height (Fins) 88 meters (289 feet)
Draft (Surfaced): 44 meters (144 feet)

Hull Composition:
2 to 3 inches of Refined Neutrium-A battleplate.
Underlying support frame work is not known, but believed to be heavy Titanium/Neutrium composite.

Weapons systems:
20 x 21-inch "Gemini" Torpedo tubes mounted fore, midships and aft.
Oculus "Nuclear Particle Accelerator Cannon" (Spinal mount)
Directed energy relays (See specifications below)

16 tubes, armament unknown (Observed on some ships)

Torpedo armaments conjectural at best. Exact number stored within the ship's magazine is open to speculation.
All that is known of the torpedo armaments is that they are referred to as "Gemini" systems, and involve the use of Anulus-related warheads...

Defensive systems:
Point defense energy exchange relay (see specifications below)
Intercept torpedoes

Primary: Anulus neutrium fusion reactor
Secondary: Unknown (If any)


Unknown. External examination of the hull and sensor returns have led to inconclusive speculation on the location of drive systems.

Primary Fuel:
Raw Neutrium-Gamma (An isotope of unrefined Neutrium)

Perishables: Presumed to be between 4 to 6 months.

Computer System:
Computer systems are believed to be a highly advanced neural network
at least on par with or potentially exceeding present UEO systems

160 knots observed.

Crush Depth:
Greater than 30,000 feet.
(Presumably, the unusually heavy hull construction allows the vessel complete range of all potential depths)

Internal: Hypersonar, Laser arrays, Other unknown systems.

Maximum Effective Range: about 300 nautical miles

EVA Assets:
Support shuttles are known to be carried aboard this class.

Crew Complement:
Highly automated systems have led to very restricted crew numbers.
Based on speculation; (given Intelligence gathered from Viceroy Rhodes) between 100 to 150 officers and crew

While the Nexus class is easily identifiable as the flagship of the Nycarian Imperial Fleet, it takes far more than these two superb giants of the sea to defend the borders of the Empire. The Nexus represents the pinnacle of naval technology - but it was not the first vessel of the Imperial Navy to have such fearsome capabilities. (Information on the Nexus class and its related weapon systems can be found in this article)

In the late 2020s, the Imperial Government sought to rebuild the militaries that had been destroyed by nearly two decades of bloody insurgency and uprising. The expansion of the Nycarian nation in to the Earth's oceans was rapid, and by 2032, much of the foundations which still to this day make up the cornerstones of the Imperial Military had been established. Versatile and considerable numbers of subfighter forces were built up using prototype technology pioneered by the Nycarians themselves - the ironic bi-product of inhuman genetic experiments which left many with unique 'talents' for science, problem solving and mathematics. To say they were a nation of geniuses would not be a fallacy in the slightest. During the early days of this oceanic expansion, the Empire relied on these subfighter forces to maintain a policy of self-imposed isolation and keep any would be intruders well-clear of the Empire's borders. Throughout the early 2020s, piracy had run rampant throughout the waters off South Africa, and through the efforts of a fledgling Imperial Navy, all traces of illicit activity disappeared entirely inside a month. Many would, of course, try to run this border again... But none would succeed.

The origins of many Nycarian weapons systems remains an incomprehensible mystery to UEO and Macronesian Intelligence analysts alike. How they pioneered such exraordinary technologies and warfighting capabilties so rapidly remains one of the biggest questions to either power, but it is known that they have posessed these capabilities for some time; many suspecting that the origins of the Neureon class of warship extend as far back as the Nycarus project itself; and the birth of the Nycarian civilization.

Understandably, the design features of the Neureon class bear a striking resemblence to its much larger cousin; the Nexus. Sweeping organic lines, sharpened offset dorsal fins and architecture seemingly built around a large, spherical core are the hallmarks of Nycarian warship design; and the Neureon is arguably the vessel which set this standard.

Believed to have made its appearence several years before the Nexus in the early 2030s, the Neureon class forms a venerable mainstay of the Imperial Navy. Armed with the same deadly technology which makes the Nexus so formidable, the Neueron is a force to be reckoned with. Even one of these vessels is capable of asserting control over an entire area of battle with a minimal of support. Like the Nexus, the Neureon is powered by a large Anulus reactor core which in turn provides the vessel with unique weapons systems inherent to this type of technology, including - but not limited to - a hull-wide energy weapons grid and an oculus cannon array. (Albeit on a considerably smaller, more "tactical" scale than the behemoth weapon mounted on the Nexus)
Despite how long it may have been in service to the Nycarian fleet, the Neureon was not encountered by foreign military forces until 2041, when the UEO Atlantis DSV apparently and inadvertantly strayed in to a Neureon's engagement zone, and was quickly and tersely intercepted by the Imperial warship (Which identified itself as the RNV Nartuum) Under UEO mandate, the Atlantis was operating in International waters, and had no obligation to stand down when asked by the Nartuum's commanding officer. In an unusual incidence of 'first contact', the chance encounter appeared - to the Nycarian vessel at least - to be headed to an armed escalation, and unwilling to commit to such an unprovoked action, the Nartuum stood down and withdrew. (At the time, the vessel was operating as part of the Nexus class Narcissis's battlegroup - it could be assumed that the the Captain of the Nartuum had either no authority to engage or was ordered to stand down from a higher level of command - presumably by Viceroy Narius Rhodes)
A subsequent and brief inquest in to the incident by the Atlantis's officers revealed a level of capability in the Neureon never before seen in a warship, and there is speculation that a Neureon in fact very well may be a match for a UEO DSV. (The extraordinary survivability demonstrated by Nycarian warships plated in Neutrium-A indicates it could very well be able to endure whatever a DSV may be able to raise against it)

The Neureon is large by most standards - measuring 280 meters from stem to stern and displacing in excess of 70,000 tonnes. (In comparison, the largest UEO "capital ship" in mass production is the Reverence class Battlecruiser; measuring 270 meters and displacing 60,000 tonnes.) Worth noting is the unbalanced size-vs-weight ratio between the Nexus and the Neureon classes. While the Nexus - 90% larger in terms of physical size - displaces over 500,000 tonnes, the Neureon weighs less than a fifth of this measurement. Considering the fact that both vessels are made from the same materials, there is alot of debate as to how the two vessels could be so massively disproportionate. While the Nexus is a new design, and could easily be concluded to have simply involved much heavier construction, it would apparently indicate that the Neureon may not be as survivable as its larger brethren.

One of the consistent advantages UEO warships have had while on an extended deployment is their highly advanced, genetically-engineered bio-organic hull skins, which enable even severe hull breaches to be 'sealed' as the skin simply regenerates and physically grows itself over the damaged hull sections. This has led to many UEO warsubs - even those with extraordinarily severe physical hull damage - to remain operational and in the field even after repeated engagements, often enabling the vessel's engineers to find improvised methods of repairing the damage until the vessel can be drydocked for more substantial refits. The lack of such organic technology on Nycarian vessels may come as a surprise given their otherwise extremely sophisticated systems, and its likely that there are many extensive secondary systems in place aboard vessels such as the Neureon to protect against potentially catastrophic hull breaches.

One reason for this may come from the fact that the Neureon class is conceivably far more than just a simple warship; fulfilling multiple and many diverse roles, including but not limited to diplomatic transport, scientific research and even cargo hauler. Fast and relatively light, it gives the Nycarian fleet an exceptionally flexible platform from which to operate many different operations. Given this is the case, it is entirely possible that combat is a secondary role for the vessel. (Nevertheless, the vessel is substantially well-armed, featuring virtually the same weapons systems as the much larger Nexus class - For specific details on these weapons; see the Nexus article)
Outfitted with a battery of twenty "Gemini" torpedo tubes, energy cannon relay and even its own Oculus, the Neureon represents a significant force on a battlefield. In addition to these weapons, the Neureon is the only vessel in the Nycarian navy to feature VLS missile tubes; lending credit to the theory that as well as an attack submarine, the class also serves as a strategic weapons platform - a Boomer. This said, not every Neureon seen to date has featured these VLS weapons; suggesting subclasses, modular components or mission-specific configurations for these ships.

More often than not, Neureons act as a part of larger taskforces - usually more Neureons, and ocassionally, a Nexus. The presence of a full Nexus battlegroup in a theatre of operations typically identifies the existence of a very important mission or operation to be conducted by the Imperial Navy. One such example was the recent Battle of Pearl Harbor, where it was discovered that insurgent rebels acting against the Nycarian government had somehow come in to posession of the original Nexus prototype itself. In response to this, the Imperial Navy dispatched an unusually large taskforce under the command of Viceroy Narius Rhodes aboard the Nexus class Narcissis, and a full battlegroup of seven Neureon class warships; a full half of the combined Imperial fleet. It is rare that a Neureon will be detached to act independantly of other Imperial forces, with such duties (usually scouting or patrol missions) being relegated to smaller Vulcrum class gunships.

This "sledgehammer" approach to warfare is rare throughout the Nycarian fleet, with such limited numbers in the fleet, the Imperial Navy is a tool of near surgical precision - deployed when and where it is needed, and usually in limited force (Understandably, this is usually enough...) While Nycarian policy usually means non-interference, isolation and neutrality from world affairs at large, threats to the Empire are taken seriously; a product of the horrors Africa saw during the Third World War and its aftermath, which left the entire continent in ruin. The formation of a significant battlefleet is rare, and the Neureon class is usually seen vigilantly patrolling the forward defences of the Drakensberg Line.

As of 2041 and the emerging civil war within the Empire, the disposition of the Neureon fleet is not known. While it is understood that the vast majority of the Imperial Navy remains loyal to Chancellor Bauer, it is likely that any Neureons that Rebel forces might have in their possession would be very quickly recaptured, or if this was not possible, neutralized. At least one ship of the class - reportedly the Notrous - was destroyed at the offset of these hostilties when the rebel-controlled Nexus ambushed and destroyed the smaller vessel with apparently little difficulty.

The ensuing battle at Pearl Harbor which saw the Nexus destroyed showed at least four other Neureons in rebel service. The fate of these vessels, and whether or not they were ever commissioned by the Imperial Navy (it's just as likely that the insurgents were able to build the ships themselves - as the theft of four first-rate cruisers is not the most plausible of scenarios) isn't known by UEO intelligence, but they have not been seen anywhere in UEO waters since, indicating they have either been hidden by the insurgents or hunted down and destroyed by the Imperial Navy.


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