To whom it may concern,

I write you to inform you that your request for information pertaining to the Nycarian Empire has been approved by the Department of Public Records as per section twenty three of the Freedom of Information Act of 2035.

The following document is a dossier assembled from known information pertaining to the Nycarian Empire following censoring and abridging by the UEO Office of Naval Intelligence in accordance with national security policy. It has therefore been declassified for public use and review.


A. J. Keelan.
Commander, (Division Witheld)
UEO Office of Naval Intelligence


Forward from the Author...
"Many have wondered in awe, suspicion and imagination about the great mysteries that lay hidden throughout the boundless plains, savannahs and seas of the Nycarian Empire. Few have come close to witnessing them. And even fewer can claim to understand them. My name is unimportant, but over the past few months, I have learnt and seen things which have forced me to re-evaluate the world in which I live.
Some time ago, I was commissioned by the Nycarian High Council - at the personal request of the Chancellor himself - to document this nation in a manner which accurately and justly reflects the people and times of the Nycarian Empire. I have lived in these lands for many years, and seen the great tragedies that have so marked our history, and it is my sincere hope that this thesis - this tome - can bring just a glimmer of understanding to the minds of those who still wonder as I have done in the past.
My quest for this knowledge has not been an easy journey...and contained in this literature you may find things which will shock you as much as they amaze you; for all of it is true."

From the eyes of a child; everything is new...

"Born out of slavery and oppression, the Nycarian Empire is a symbol of formidability and justice on Earth. A result of brutal genetic experiments born of hardship and oppression, the Nycarians possess a unique ingenuity unlike any other in the world."

"It is common for outsiders to call their nation “Nycaria” – but this is incorrect. The Nycarians are a people; not a state… and their Empire is an alliance of provinces governed by a council of representatives from across their nations. But the history behind it is long and bloody, and to claim to understand their system of values without understanding that history would be as ignorant as it is shallow."

"At the close of the Third World War, Africa was left decimated; communications lost, cities levelled, and civilizations destroyed. This tragedy was born in no small part due to the collapse of the United Nations, and the complete withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from the continent. Warlords were free to conduct genocidal campaigns across the entire continent, and racism fuelled the fires of hatred…"

"Soon after the final fires had died in the most remote ruins, survivors began herding together forming clans, that began forming tribes, and then factions. Before any chances of unity in Africa arose, bitter hostilities broke out between the groups, each blaming the other for the destruction that plagued their continent. During the conflict, the racial segregation that had caused turmoil in the 19 th and 20 th centuries again became the dominant motivation of hatred in the region. Known as the Red and the Black, the two sides represented their skin colours; the Reds of predominantly Boer origin based in the South of the continent; the Blacks not surprisingly native Africans based in Nigeria . The two sides fought skirmishes for months until a native Tanzanian by the name of Mbotmi Ngunntini rose to power. Under his leadership, the Blacks forced the Reds into submission until their official surrender at Bloemfontein , South Africa in 2019."

"As the dust once again settled in Africa , Ngunntini ordered his armed forces to track down any remaining Reds and capture them. With little resistance, the Reds became little more than a few thousand White African survivors. Slowly, the Whites became enslaved by the oppressive regime of Ngunntini as a second Apartheid began."

"Soon the Blacks began to rebuild the decimated continent, rebuilding on the foundations of some of the southern regions largest cities: Johannesburg , Pretoria , Cape Town , Durban , Fort Victoria and Lusaka . Because of their small number, slaves were used predominantly for hard-labour duties; primarily mining as there was an abundance of raw materials requiring harnessing."

"However despite their dominance of the Whites and efforts to rebuild, African technology was limited to the weapons before the tragedy of the Third World War. Otherwise, the technological advancement was equivalent to that of the early 20th century."


Excerpts from Chapter III: "The Sands of Time"

"The shores of Sierra Leone had long been known to be a jackpot for sand miners. The endless dunes were a location that could provide entire cities with glass requirements and before long; white slave camps had been set up along the Grain Coast with the arduous task of bagging and carrying sand to nearby towns for shipping to the few major population centres."

"Official records state that in the early light of the morning of July 12, 2024 , slaves struck what was believed to be an iron ore deposit approximately twelve meters below the crest height of the dunes in the east of the country, and that a mining accident involving the use of explosives to reveal the deposit killed the workers. The mining operation was soon taken over by Ngunntini's militia forces and for reasons which remain secret to this day, even under the benevolent rule of the Nycarian government."

"For reasons unknown to most of the populus, the shores of Sierra Leone were held as a strategically important location by Ngunntini's military. It was on August 5, 2024 that the site was turned in to a military research facility – a facility which would become as infamous as the death camp of Auschwitz , and as secretive as the fabled Area 51. Only one fragmented account of research activities that occurred at the facility since its creation exists in public knowledge;

"Present-day analysts have drawn remarkable parallels between the description of this ‘blue dome' and the annulus reactor cores found on Nycarian naval vessels which has been seen to power highly destructive beam weaponry seen in use at least once by UEO forces that defended the Pacific fortress of Pearl Harbor in 2041."

"Some short time after the establishment of the facility, Ngunntini's defacto-ruling council announced the establishment of a so-called “Nevarian” state, and rumours of a man named “Abeeden” began circulating amongst government circles. The significance of this name is uncertain, but should this Abeeden have existed, it would mean that even Mbotmi Ngunntini was not free from influence of higher powers. The new Nevarian government led by Ngunntini - or so it would appear - actively supported the African suppression of whites and announced plans to begin an experimental hybrid operation called the Nycarus program. The program involved genetic modification procedures on white slaves, after they were made redundant by machinery. The agreement was made on the grounds that the Black rebels still fighting conflicts across the continent would be able to use the created super race as an armed military and the Nevarian government for their own purposes. The super race was supposed to be entirely controlled, effectively a drone army designed to follow orders and obey the Nevarian African Armed Forces (NAAF). The super race was known… as the Nycarians."


Excerpts from Chapter V: "Uprising and Incursion..."

"Trials were held with the Nycarians over a three-year period. Troops were run through extensive physical and mental tests under the direct command of the NAAF. The experiments conducted on the Nycarians were diverse (for lack of any other description) in nature and ranged from physical augmentation of the human body to attempted enhancement of the brain in an attempt to heighten awareness, motor control, creativity and intelligence. A great deal of these experiments showed successful results, but towards the end of the second year, unusual phenomena began being regularly registered in the brain patterns of the majority of the Nycarians. Unsure of the effects of this stimulus, scientists were reluctant to continue experiments, and in May 2026, the Nycarus Program was officially terminated by the NAAF and the order was given to eliminate the Nycarians."

"Without warning, but as if to pre-empt the plans of the scientists, the Nycarians became independent of the control of the NAAF and were able to act on their own accord – needless to say to the surprise of the scientists. The NAAF had underestimated the potential of the Nycarians and were in a panic to contain the race as they took control of the Nycarus labs. Armed with the full knowledge of their captors, the Nycarians forged a well-organized and well-armed resistance with similar groups of test subjects elsewhere on the continent and began an open rebellion against the NAAF."

"The Nycarians fortified themselves in the Nycarus lab, led by the former White militia leader Neureon Vuender-Weist-Hezuin, and word of what was happening spread across the continent. Many of Ngunntini's own Nevarian forces joined the Nycarian uprising, having learnt of the inhuman treatment of these people, and in Pretoria on June 10, 2026, the Nevarian 1st , 2nd and 3rd divisions broke out and begun attacking the militia forces loyal to Ngunntini."

"The combined forces of the Nycarians and Nevarian ‘loyalists' as they have become known pushed the NAAF back into the North of the continent. Repeated attempts to end the conflict were made by the Nycarians but Ngunntini would not surrender, vowing to fight until the last of his men fell."

"Conflicts continued into 2027 when several key battles shaped the course of the war. The battle of Fort Lamy, Chad, on January 7th 2027 saw the death of Vuender-Weist-Hezuin. Seen as the father of the Nycarians, his death led to fears of a Nycarian collapse, however Marteen Carthedin proved to be a worthy successor, swiftly crushing the NAAF resistance along the borders of Mali and Algeria . The NAAF's final stand came at the Battle of Tamale, Ghana , on January 25th 2027. Surrounded by Nycarian Forces, the remaining NAAF troops surrendered at dusk after an hour long cease-fire."

"At the end of the hostilities, the Nycarians were given sole command over the African continent by the loyal Nevarian troops – a coup de tat - and the Nycarian Empire was born. Governed by the Nycarian High Council at the Protean Citadel in Pretoria, the Nycarian Empire maintains a noble and grand stature on Earth."

"One of the NHC's primary occupations has been the expansion of the Empire into Earths oceans to benefit from the wealth that can be found there. The combination of Human and Nycarian technology born of the hundreds of ‘gifted' individuals who endured the cruel Nycarus project makes the Empire a feared and formidable force in the world's oceans."

"This speech made by Chancellor Marteen Carthedin during the induction ceremony at the Old Pretorian Chambers in 2027, while originally intended only as his Imperial address, has since become one of the most revered documents in recent Nycarian history for its for its message of unity. The speech often serves as a secondary constitution and is often referred to for matters of Imperial customs."

Excerpts from Chapter VII: "The Nycarian Myth..."

"Upon the commissioning of this thesis, the High Council was adamant in its desire to give an accurate and unbiased reflection of both our history and society as it stands today. Let me first then say that, despite popular belief, the Nycarians are just as 'human' in their society and culture than that of any other race on the planet, with a culture revolving around relationships, work, leisure, the arts and (to the surprise of many) emotion. Much to the dismay of many of our citizens and government, it is apparent that due to the unusual nature and history of the Nycarians that it is the view of many outsiders that the Empire is devoid of any verbatim of individuality. However, the Empire is one of the richest places of diversity, as you will find on this planet."

"Much of the Empire's culture stems from the many and varied groups that have come together to form the Empire. Politically, the African continent is divided into six provinces, each one represented in the High Council by their elected senator, who doubles as the provincial governor. These provinces due to their geographic separation incorporate many relics of the past on their own. While the majority of the Nycarian Empire's population is based in the south of the continent in the South African province, those living in the other, more distant provinces contribute greatly to what is the Nycarian Empire."


Excerpts from Chapter VIII: "The South: Old and the New..."

"The Province of South Africa, not to be confused with the once proud country of the same name, boasts some of the largest commercial and industrial centres in the Empire. The provincial and indeed Imperial capital lies in Pretoria, the old South African capital. Of all the sights and sounds in the Empire, none is more breathtaking than the site of the Protean Citadel, especially for those seeing it for the first time. Pretoria regularly hosts Senate and Council sessions and is the political centre of the Nycarian Empire."

"The Citadel itself was constructed between 2031 and 2032 by the Luderitz Corporation, a Nycarian firm located in Durban. Based on the designs of the Nevarus Citadel (Commissioned by Ngunntini, which was not completed and was subsequently torn down at the end of the Nycarian Rebellion), the grand structure sits on top of the Hill of Mortuum on the outskirts of the city centre. To speak nothing of the fact one can stand in the center of the lobby and stare up the diamond-formed atrium of the tallest spire, the enormous structure covers more than 550ha with an estimated floor space of over 98 million square metres over 350 floors. The highest spire measures an incredible 980m above ground level and hosts an observation deck for those brave enough to stand and take in the panoramic views of the city from the bustling metropolis below outward across the sweeping northern plains and south to New Johannesburg. It has even be said that on a clear enough day, you can see the northern reaches of the Drakensberg Mountains, although such sightings are rare due to the regular rain still occurring from the condensation produced in the days of the Weltschmerz – world sorrow – after the Third World War."

"The interior of the Protean Citadel is just as magnificent as the exterior, lined with natural timbers (all replanted and replaced in proportion – of course) and trimmed with blends gold, sapphire and refined neutrium. Large open spaces bring about many places for meetings and leisure without being far from the workstations, which keep so many occupied. The Citadel's hotel facilities cater for the needs of up to 3000 dignitaries, their corresponding parties and associates, media crew and others. For the benefit of those with limited time to explore the continent. the Protean Citadel bears its own librarical museum with artefacts, documents, holographic heralds and specimens from across the globe and across the stars. One of the most startling features is the fully self-sufficient artificial forest, found in the Rhodesian Wing. Fed only by natural light filtered through the above dome, the forest provides its own recycled nutrients and water to subsist on its own. Visitors always marvel at the discovery of giant Sequoia Red Woods growing within a few hundred metres of wispy Snow Gums, both happily growing in their simulated natural environments."


The spires of the Protean Citadel, Pretoria, South Africa. (Click for larger image)


"Of course, the Protean Citadel is not the only mark of brilliance vested upon Africa by the Nycarian Empire. Another of the brilliant architectural feats is the entirety of the city of New Johannesburg, designed from foundation up by Nycarian artisans eager to express a form of creativity born of their rare gifts; and considered a beacon of arch-Nycarian culture."

"After the destruction of the old city during the Nycarian Uprising of 2026 and 2027, it was felt that the once proud city be remembered. After failing to develop any monuments deemed satisfactory by the committee, a new approach was taken. Now, the few remnants of the old city including a handful of twisted metal skyscraper infrastructures, rundown monuments and other burnt down buildings are encapsulated in the Memorial Shell, where they lie in their original positions while holographic projections of the city in its splendour are cast over the entire area where the central business district once stood. Visitors to the site are able to walk through the streets of the old city and experience both the past and present simultaneously. The remainder of New Johannesburg is built around the shell and is purely of Nycarian design. Sweeping, rounded, white-walled buildings built in pleasant arcs surrounded by pristine , genetically modified grasses and an artificial waterway are trademark images of the city and are an inspiration to all who see it."

"Cape Town harbour also bears the influence of Nycarian design, particularly the shipyards used to create the benevolent fleets of the Nycarian Navy, including the mainstay Neureon class (named of course after the militia leader Neureon Vuender-Weist-Hezuin) and also the grand pinnacle of the oceans, the Nexus. Cape Town itself, like many of the cities that survived the wars that have consumed the continent, remains close knit to its traditional ways, but only cleaner as reformed industry prevents pollution from destroying what is left of the environment."


The Earth, circa 2041 following the strife of the 2020s and 3030s. (click here for higher resolution map)


Excerpts from Chapter IX: "The Test of Time ..."

"Africa with its extreme and varied civilizations of the past bears as many superstitions, mythologies, cult figures and lost shrines as countable. So much of the land has been unexplored from the jungles of the Congo, to the Sahara desert that it is one of the Nycarian Empires primary goals to seek these places out and sanction them in order to preserve the history of the ancestors of all that have lived in Africa. Task Forces and expeditions are often commissioned to explore the lost and primitive realms of the swamplands and jungles and, although many are often fruitless, are considered successful for the smallest finds."

"The principle reason for the exploration of the jungles was the discovery of the Shrine of Bida Kindu, in 2036 by a small party of lost adventurers in the Congo. The group who left Ponthierville in May, headed west into the jungle, planning to meet the Lomami river and travel its length to the town of Kindu . After losing their bearings, the party met with a waterway and followed it until coming across the structure now known as the Shrine of Bida Kindu."

"The Shrine of Bida Kindu is one of the most fascinating and least understood relics of the ancient world in the Nycarian Empire. The shrine itself rises up out of a tidal inlet stemming from Lake Kasai, and its design is similar to that of Rhi'tu ruins found elsewhere on the continent. The large peaks rising ten stories above the ground bear no purpose other than to hold what is within in solemn sanctimony. The sharply steep pyramids are made of obsidian and the quality of the masonry of the blocks is of near perfect quality, rivalling Nycarian engineering, yet all dating tests conducted by researchers put its date of creation prior to 1800 B.C. A statue mounted at the entrance to the shrine also bears homage to the interior, but provides no insight into the creators of the structure, or their origins."

"The interior of the Shrine is an open hall, dominated by the ominous, crystalline figure in the middle of the chamber. The walls of the Shrine are crowded with inscriptions and engravings carved into the stone, perfect to nearly a thousandth of a millimetre in their detail. Research teams have set up camps on the main island to attempt to decipher the walls and understand exactly what it is that they are looking at, and so far only the term “Bida” (for which the Shrine has been entitled) has been understood, found in multiple locations around the walls in what are similar to an Egyptian cartouche, it is believed to be the name of the Shrines inhabitant."

"The biggest puzzle however, is that of the Face of Bida Kindu. Above the dais in the centre of the Shrine stands an enormous crystalline cone. Often marvelled for the cleanness of its cut and size, the crystal also bears paranormal properties. Each day as the sun aligns itself with the Shrines spires, the ghostly figure of an ancient, almost unhuman skull materialises in within the structure. No one as yet has any idea as to who or what the skull is from, nor how it is projected or if indeed it is projected at all. The only clue so far has been the limited amount of scanning done on the dais itself. For a short time when the Shrine was first discovered, scientists brought gamma scanning devices to detect what lay in what is dubbed “the tomb”. Only a few images were seen before the EM projector exploded, injuring three members of the project team (as a result, further methods of radiation scanning have been banned). Nycarian agents have since rendered the ghostly images of a being within the tomb as best as possible, but with nothing to compare the images to, their accuracy is questionable. It has since been deemed by the Nycarian High Council that the Shrine be left as a relic and that its secrets remain within the crystalline cone. "

"Following the discovery of the Shrine of Bida Kindu, it was at the request of Chancellor Marteen Carthedin himself that further expeditions to find more relics of similar and varying origin be conducted. It is the hope of the Chancellor and indeed other Senators that the people of the Empire will one day be able to know of the civilizations of the ancient world, without the apparent desecration that has occurred so far."

"The Shrine of Bida Kindu, and in fact the entire Congo is not the only part of the African past to remain untouched by the hands of the Nycarian Empire, a reconstruction and protection of the Great Pyramids is also underway. The North African Provincial Council has declared the Giza Plateau under sanction until the Great Pyramids are returned to their most documented state of being – the Pyramids have been declared an historical and cultural symbol of the African continent and so it has become a priority matter for the Nycarian Historical Department. The damage sustained to them during both World War Three and the Nycarian uprising was heavy, however, the best efforts of Nycarian engineers is being put into the project to return the Pyramids to their original splendour. Despite their work, the secrets of what was once within the Pyramids, particularly the King's and Queen's chambers within the Great pyramid of Cheops is now permanently buried beneath the rubble."

"The burnt out cities of North West Africa have also been given a new breath of life thanks to the efforts of Nycarian Conservationists. The original countries of the North West bore the brunt of extensive bombardment during World War Three and were left decimated by the warring factions. After the uprising in 2026 and the Nycarian mandate, these countries were left under the immediate control of the North West African Province."

"The North West African Council was established in Casablanca , on the Moroccan coastline and to make the presence of order felt amongst the townships, the towers of Casablanca were constructed. The towers serve a multitude of functions – The Summit Tower houses the provincial council chambers and provide residence to officials, whilst surrounding towers contain commercial offices, leisure and observation centres, communications hubs and also serve as docks for airship transports."

"The benevolently watchful eye of those peacekeepers and rulers in the towers, now constantly comforts citizens of the Nycarian Empire living in Casablanca and surrounding townships. Generally the town maintains its stance as a quiet village revolving around its traditional fishing industry, although there is now a unity throughout the continent, which has brought many a new area of interest into the North West, as it has in every corner of Africa."


Excerpts from Chapter XII: "Testimony to Technology and Culture ..."

"As hard as it is to imagine, the brutal experiments of the Nycarus project did not come without dividends. The human mind was shown to be an awesome machine of creation; the genetic manipulation and raw mental ability of their kind enabling the Nycarians to think in new dimensions few physicists could even dream of. While the pursuit of cultural, artistic and social goals remain the pinnacle of Imperial society – as per the declaration of Chancellor Marteen Carthedin – technology has done much to allow the Nycarian Empire to achieve these ends."

"The shining spires of the twin-cities of Pretoria and New Johannesburg stretch high in to azure blue skies; reconstructed over the decade of the 2030s in a unique vision born of Nycarian society. The sweeping design of the buildings is as dynamic as the culture itself – redefining architecture in ways that seem to recall the achievements of Frank Lloyd Wright, or Jorn Utzon. But it is not imitation; it is a second renaissance; the cities now being a haven for the artists who conceived them and a manifestation of their desire to achieve where once not even hope remained."

"Perhaps the only cardinal law of the Empire could be said to be respect; and not just for fellow men, but for the world they live in, the culture they try to preserve, and the steeped and bloody history that forged life as they see it. Indeed, it is hard for any western civilization to imagine the world as the Nycarians do; the level of destruction and bloodshed experienced rivalling every other war on their continent for a thousand years. One might say this gives the Nycarians a unique perspective on the world; what do you get when you take away everything a person knows and loves, and destroy the foundations of their life? Hope."

"It isn't hard to understand how the Nycarians are distrustful of outsiders; while superpowers like the mighty United Earth Oceans and Macronesian Alliance collide in global conflict which has the capacity to destroy them both, what could possibly be gained from them when they have already experienced this reality of self-destruction? For this reason, the Empire maintains an isolated existence – free of the influence of foreign powers, and determined to preserve that freedom."


Excerpts from Chapter XIV: "A Cripple does not start a War Song..."

"Having seen such destruction, they have no desire to see it again, and the Imperial Nycarian Armed Forces (INAF) – an organization centred primarily on the Imperial Navy and Army – maintains the seas and strict borders of the Empire."

"The INAF is overseen by the Praetorian High Council – a joint staff of the highest ranking Grand Viceroys and Praetor-Generals of the martial forces. The head of this council holds the rank of Praetorian, and holds ultimate responsibility for the actions of the fleets and armies. It is common for the Praetorian to hold a seat on the Nycarian High Council, and brings matters of internal security and defence to the attention of the diplomats and politicians of the Empire. The Praetorian's responsibility is great, as he simultaneously serves as Secretary for Defence, commander of the Armed Forces, and as commander of the military branch from which he served. (Traditionally, this has been the navy.)"

"Ceremonially and practically, the first Praetorian of the Nycarian Empire has always been considered to be the famed militia leader, Neureon Vuender-Weist-Hezuin, and a term will last between two and three years before another officer is elected. "

"The military hierarchy of the INAF is a direct reflection of the society it exists to protect; in an unusual reversal of common military practice, one will seldom witness a junior officer saluting a senior in rank; ceremonially to a Nycarian, it goes against everything they have ever worked for as a society of equals. While there is no more revered position than an Imperial Praetor, the Praetor's badge of office bears so much responsibility that it is considered an honour for the officer to serve in the role of a servant to the Empire. Mutual and equal respect is all that is given between officers of all rank and position, and even the most subtle or insignificant breach of this protocol is certain to draw attention from those around them. (Indeed, there have been cases where inexperienced, junior officers of the military have caused incident by saluting High Council Senators, although these occurrences are rare.)"

"The order of rank in the Nycarian military follows only one hierarchy; there is no distinction between officers and enlisted crewman.

•  Citizen - The basic rank of any person enlisted in the Imperial military of any branch. They carry the bulk of basic tasks.

•  Pro-Citizen – The equivalent of a junior lieutenant, they oversee specialized tasks aboard a warship or within a military unit.

•  Prelate (Lower) – Akin to a senior Lieutenant, Prelates make up department heads and oversee individual sections of a ship's operations or operations in a field.

•  Prelate (Upper) – A Lieutenant-Commander generally assigned as junior members of a command staff.

•  3rd Captain – Usually second-in-command of a cruiser-sized vessel or the commanding officer of a Platoon.

•  2nd Captain – Tasked with commanding cruisers and mid-sized warships and commands. 2nd Captains make up the bulk of commanding officers in the fleet, or command Company-sized Army units.

•  1st Captain (Viceroy or Marshal, dependant on branch) – Given command of small taskforces, or the rare task of commanding a large warship such as a Nexus. In the Army, a 1st Captain will command a Battalion.

•  Fleet Viceroy (Navy) or Praetor (Army) – An Admiral or General by any other rank, they are assigned to a theatre of operations to oversee fleets and large scale operations, or command Regiments in the case of an Army.

•  Grand Viceroy (Navy) or Praetor-General (Army) – The highest rank of any military officer in the field, they command major taskgroups and hold positions on the Praetorian Council as advisors to the Praetorian himself.

•  Praetorian – The highest ranking officer of the Imperial military, regardless of branch or service."

"The resources of Africa are vast, and their technology has allowed them many breakthroughs of science which far surpass anything the world has seen. With no need or desire to project their forces, the Nycarian Empire maintains only a relatively small navy for its size, but what it lacks in size it makes up for dramatically in both power and mobility. The core of their armed forces – the navy - is centered on two expeditionary fleets formed around the massive Nexus-class submarine-battleships Narcissis and Nereus; giants of the sea which measure a full half-kilometre in length and displace nearly half a million tonnes each. (Over double the weight of their nearest equivalent – the UEO's Atlantis- class DSVs)"

"These ships were born of the most creative and brilliant minds in the Empire; boasting impressive armaments of Gemini torpedoes and virtually impregnable hulls of heavy neutrium battleplate. Every capital ship in the Imperial fleet is built around an annulus reactor core – a single, massive fusion reactor which fuses together refined neutrium-A, an isotope far more powerful than any weapons-grade material – in a continuous thermonuclear fire which is held together by enormous magnetic fields. This reactor is usually connected to a large particle accelerator cannon known as an “oculus”, which is mounted along the spinal keel of Imperial warships, making the single most powerful weapon system to be found beneath the waves. (Understandably, despite being pacifist in foreign policy, the scope of destruction which defines Nycarian history means that the term ‘proportionate response' has entirely different connotations to the commanders of the Imperial military.)"

"While the Nexus class represents the pinnacle of naval technology, they cannot be everywhere at once, and the venerable Neureon class submarines – a cruiser by any other designation – form a backbone force some sixteen strong. Along with the fast and agile Wraith class subfighters, they travel in battlegroups along the extremities of Imperial waters, maintaining a vigilant guard against those who would try to break a hard-earned peace."

"Pivotal to the defence of the South African province – the political center of the Empire – is the keystone defence fortress which stretches for over 3000 nautical miles around the horn of Africa; the Drakensberg Line. The Drakensberg line is made up of many hundreds of fortified installations along the Indian-Atlantic sea floor and is the first line of defence against any incursion. In order to cross in to Nycarian territorial waters, ships must cross this line. Heavily defended, the line consists of six major fortresses which serve as command bases for wings of Wraith subfighters and small squadrons of Neureon warships. The Drakensberg Line has enforced the Empire's isolationism for over twenty years, and is widely considered impregnable. Few have challenged the line, and none have crossed it."

The Nexus-class RNV Narcissis - flagship of Viceroy Narius Rhodes.


Excerpts from Chapter XVI: "A Vigilant Phoenix"

"Of great concern to the Empire and its senators is the broadening conflict between the Macronesian Alliance and United Earth Oceans organization. Throughout the 2030s, the Empire watched with careful eyes as the use of so-called "subduction" weapons dramatically altered the face of this world, but so recently having ended our time of sorrow, Nycarian interests were focused on domestic issues, and the reconstruction of these great lands."

"Elected Senator-Primus of the Imperial Senate and High Chancellor of the High Council in December 2037, Reisson Bauer led the people of the Nycarian Empire through great times, and as I write this, faces new challenges as the storm clouds of war appear on an otherwise blue horizon. Not since the revolution has the Nycarian people faced a threat such as this; civil war. Reisson Bauer, like the vast majority of those in the Senate and Military Command, was one of the hundreds - if not thousands - of individuals to endure the trials of the Nycarus project. While it is difficult to speak ill of something which could so gift us today, the memories of the war that came as a result of our genetic history can not be hesitantly lauded in such a manner."

"...For years, it has been known that the remnants of the Ngunntini's Nevarian Guard have lurked in the disputed borders of Northern Africa; preying on and subverting communities who already struggle in the wake of Imperial reform. Despite the best efforts of the Imperial Arbiters and Army, the Nevarians have continued to regroup, and a growing trend in the last decade has seen their efforts grow only bolder. It was the tragic death of Viceroy Aiden Boer in an apparent assassination that marked the beginning of what may well become full-scale hostilities; with entire regiments of the Imperial Army having apparently taken up arms in Ngunntini's name. While researching these most troubling of events, I was unable to reach Praetorian Ethan Mathews for more information, and it has come to my attention that even though-"

End of File.


Official Name:
Conventional Long-form: The Nycarian Empire

Government Type:
Democratic Republic


  • Democratic, Imperial theocracy. Focused beliefs on equality, social reformation and cultural development.

Date of Constitution :
As spoken during the inaugural address of High Chancellor Marteen Carthedin on December 5th, 2027

Constitutional (Governing) Member States/Nations: Six regional provinces; South Africa, North West, North East, Somal, Congo, Madagascar

Unknown. Substantial colonization has been observed within the borders of the "Drakensberg Line"

The Protean Citadel. Pretoria, South African Province.

Head of State:
High Chancellor Reisson Bauer; incumbant since January 2038

Legal System:
Despite an extremely low crime rate; legal system is based upon well-established regional, national and supreme courts; with the highest arbitrary 'court' wielding legislative and legal power being the Nycarian High Council itself. System of laws and values largely derived from human rights movements and social rehabilitation.

National currency is the Imperial Credit. The Empire is a self-sustaining nation; having been in isolation since 2010. Substantial natural resource deposits and revolutionary technological advancements have kept wealth evenly distributed accross most parts of the continent. More isolated regions have been slow to adopt this system as reconstruction efforts continue. National GDP and budget figures are not known.

Military Strength:
Primary organizations include: Imperial Navy, Imperial Army.

Primary Command Bases located in Cape Town (Atlantic fleet base), Fort Neureon (Drakensberg Defence Station), Port Elizabeth (Indian fleet base) and Pretoria (National military headquarters)

Due to an extreme lack of reliable intelligence; the exact strength of the military's available manpower is impossible to know.

Annual gross military expenditure is understood to be quite low due to the nation's considerable technological foundations. It is difficult to estimate a figure based on the military's level of technology, as the systems employed are well in advance of anything employed or understood by other conventional forces around the world.

Standing Imperial fleet forces consist of 16 Neureon class warships, 2 Nexus flagships, 21 Vulcrum class warships and unknown numbers of Wraith subfighters.

The extent of Nycarian military Intelligence Services is unknown; UEO intelligence efforts to learn about their capability and organization have ended repeatedly in failure.

As of 2041, the Martial forces of the Nycarian Empire are under the command of Praetorian Ethan Matthews; whose service as Praetorian-General is scheduled to end at the end of 2041.

Political Affiliations:

The Nycarian Empire, while an 'inward' society and isolationist nation is largely considered to be the single most powerful nation on the planet. Technogical advancements stemming from genetic engineering experiments in the 2020s have come as a result of a large group of 'gifted' individuals within the Empire who are closely affiliated with the military and national high council. As of 2041, the Empire had not taken sides in the war; even in the face of a failed Macronesian assault against the Drakensberg defence network. On only two occasions have the Empire offered military assistance to the UEO - and on both of these occasions their intervention was limited to resolving a matter of 'internal security' concerning a direct threat to the Empire.

The Empire announced political support for the UEO in May 2041, but as of July of the same year, the Empire is divided internally by a civil war. The nature of this conflict is unknown; but is frequently cited as the reason the Nycarian Government has been unable to commit the Imperial Military to the aid of the UEO Allied Forces.


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