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Jane Keiko Roberts
Executive Officer, VF-107 Rapiers (Rapier Two, callsign "Deadstick")

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Date of Birth: March 24th, 2015
Date of Death: -
Age (As of 2041): 26
Place of Birth: Sendai, Japan, NORPAC Confederation.
Year of Enlistment: 2034 (Age 19)
Joined UEO: 2034 (Year of Enlistment)
Current Assignment: VF-107 Rapiers, formerly aboard UEO Atlantis DSV 8100
Position: Rapier Two, Squadron XO
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: Lieutenant, Spectre Squadron Gamma (VF-95 Raiders) onboard UEO Sub-Carrier Hancock

Remarks: Graduated from Cape Cortez flight school with grading of 85 percent. (Placed 3rd) Has piloted the SFA-2 Spectre since graduation and achieved ace status in 2037 when she was responsible for destroying six Macronesian Lysanders. Decorated for Valour in the same year before moving to advance-training for the SF-37 Raptor in 2040.

Jane Roberts was born to US Naval Aviator, Commander James Roberts, and his Japanese wife Keiko. Commander Roberts, a veteran of the Third World War flying FA-18 Hornets, served in NORPAC's seventh fleet during the bloody Chinese-Korean campaigns that continued from the war's outbreak in 2005 to its end in 2010. Commander Roberts was one of the first to begin airstrikes against North Korean targets in 2005 at the beginning of the conflict, and with the entry of China in 2007 was among the first to become of a new generation of fighter 'Aces' when he shot down and destroyed over twenty Chinese fighter aircraft throughout the course of the conflict.

When the war ended in 2010, Roberts remained in Japan and married a lieutenant commander of the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, Keiko Nagase. Five years later, Keiko gave birth to a daughter, Jane, on March 24th, 2015. She was named after Roberts' mother.

Jane spent most of her early life in post-war Sendai, frequently visiting continental United States as part of her American upbringing. It would seem to many that with parents of military background, it might be inevitable that she would join the armed services

Above: Lieutenant Commander Jane Roberts aboard Atlantis DSV 8100, 2041

Despite this, she went on to graduate from the UEO's Cape Cortez submerged dog-fighting school in 2036 after the mandatory

2 years training. Her first assignment was one that gave her a certain amount of respect for the work she did as she was assigned to the UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 II in one of only several available pilot positions. The then-ensign Roberts served aboard the seaQuest for a single tour of 1 year before transferring to the Sub Carrier Hancock in 2037. While here, Roberts was a part of one of the Carriers 3 Spectre fighter squadrons – the VF-95 ‘Raiders'. She was a rising star when later during her first year aboard the Carrier she achieved the title of “Ace” when she shot down 6 Macronesian Lysander fighters in a single engagement. (The minimum number of kills for this title is 5) it was during her first year and the accumulated action from both seaQuest and Hancock that she was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and decorated for valour in combat. By the time her tour of duty ended aboard the carrier in 2039, she had racked up an impressive tally of over 40 kills during combat and the nose of her fighter had more markings on it than any other pilot (Except for the squadron commander.)

In 2040, following a years leave, Roberts was reassigned. In her initial protest, she wished to remain aboard the Hancock, but UEO command replied with the problem that her place had already been taken.

Grudgingly, she went on to what she thought was merely an escort carrier assignment. To her surprise, it was revealed that she was chosen along with 99 other pilots for a special training course in the UEO's new sub fighter class – the SF-37 Raptor.
Roberts was quickly noticed by Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock. Along with 21 other pilots, she was put in to the elite training division where she was put through her paces by Wing Commanders Gabriel Hitchcock and Corinn Roderick.

In October of 2040, Roberts along with the other pilots of the elite wing were sorted in to two squadrons that would soon become the most publicized squadrons in the UEO; The VF-107 Rapiers and the VF-115 Dark Angels.
Promoted to Lieutenant (Full) she was assigned to the Rapiers as the Squadron Executive Officer under Commander Hitchcock.

Most recently in 2041, Jane Roberts was promoted again to Lieutenant Commander shortly before the Battle of Marinduque Island. Commander Hitchcock, her superior officer, would see out the next two combat missions and then leave the squadron, opting to transfer to Cape Cortez Subfighter Academy. Commander Roberts then endured a trying time as she lost her close friend Lieutenant Thomas Reynolds, and was forced to watch helplessly as her home country of Japan fall before a Chaodai-Macronesian invasion; experiences which have begun to leave the scars of war on her soul.
How Commander Roberts will deal with her new, and very 'brash' superior officer - Commander Ed Richards - is yet to be seen...

1st Carrier Sea Wing Stats:

Assignment: VF-107 Rapiers ("Alpha Squadron")
Squadron Position:
Tail Number: 183
Carrier Wing Fighter Number: 02
Kills: 97
Fighter Notes:
Nose art is marked by cherry blossoms with the name "Keiko" written in Kanji, along with a chibi-anime character named "Link".

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • Silver Star - Awarded in 2037 for conspicuous valour in combat against Macronesian forces.
  • Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded in 2038 in recognition of meritorious service to the fleet; 2036-2038.
  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is an officer of NORPAC command
  • UEO Service Medal - 3 UEO tours; 2036-2041
  • Joint Services Medal (2) - In recognition of joint operations conducted with the UEO Marine Fighter Corps.
  • Purple Heart - Wounded in Action, November 2040
  • Atlantic Service Medal - For service in the Atlantic; 2041
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2036-2041
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2036-2041
  • Challenger Liberation Medal - Veteran of the Challenger liberation campaign of 2038
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran


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