Lieutenant's Rank Insignia (Command)
NORPAC service medal UEO Service, 3 tours Meritorious Service Award Second Cold War
Joint Services Achievement Joint Services Medal Pacific Theatre Combat Action Ribbon


Lieutenant Edward StevensUnited States

Edward Orlando Stevens
Chief Engineer, UEO Atlantis DSV 8100

Rank: Lieutenant (Field Promotion)
Date of Birth: June 4th, 2014
Age (As of 2041): 27
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, NORPAC Confederation.
Year of Enlistment: 2032 (Age 18)
Joined UEO: 2032 (Year of Enlistment)
Assigned to UEO Atlantis: 2040
Position: Chief Engineer/Ship's Technician
Status: ACTIVE
Previous Assignment: UEO Ares Fleet Yards, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - DSX Development Project

Remarks: Graduated from UEO Engineering Academy in 2035 Valedictorian. Assigned to the top-secret DSX project later in that year.

Chief Stevens is one of the brightest crew members of the Atlantis DSV 8100. He was one of several engineers assigned to the Atlantis project at the Ares fleet yards and his experience in designing and building the submarine gave him knowledge of the boat that few others could match. It was a logical choice for UEO command that the chief engineers of the 2 DSVs should come from the team that built them, and Stevens was one of that team.
He joined the UEO Engineering Academy in 2032 at the age of 18 and graduated in 2035 at the top of his class.

His position in his grade allowed him any assignment he wanted throughout the UEO, and with the Ares fleet yards under construction on Ford Island – A project that looked to be heading in to large-scale matters - (The UEO would not say what) Stevens chose a Base assignment at Aries and was assigned to Admiral Nathan Bridger's staff in charge of developing the new boats.
For 3 years, Stevens was involved in the design of the DSVs and finally in 2038 with the completion of the Ares yards, construction of the 2 new boats began to acclerate.

By 2040, the development of the 2 DSVs was nearing completion and Stevens needed to consider his next assignment. Learning that the Atlantis Chief engineer's post was vacant, he immediately applied for the transfer.

Stevens's grade in the academy and his involvement with the development of the vessel were almost certainly the two major contributing factors to his assignment aboard the new DSV. By October of 2040, he was granted the posting of Chief Engineer aboard the UEO Flagship, Atlantis.

He is a fairly informal officer when on duty, and is well-liked by his engineering team. In Early 2041 when the Atlantis took a crippling attack from a squadron of Mercenary raiders, heroic efforts by Stevens and his crew kept the submarine in working order despite the massive amount of damage that it withstood. A creative and clever person, Stevens approach to work might be unorthodox at times, but he always delivers sound results.

In April of 2041, Captain Mark Ainsley approached Stevens and - much to the enlisted man's objection - promoted him with a field commission as an officer with the rank of Lieutenant. Stevens made his objections vocal, and is now faced with building an entirely new career as a commissioned officer aboard the UEO's Flagship, and the responsibilities that come with it.

United Earth Oceans Service Medals and Awards:

  • North Pacific Confederation Service Medal - Is an active officer of NORPAC command
  • UEO Service Medal - 3 UEO tours; 2036-2041
  • Meritorious Service Medal - Awarded in 2039 for meritorious service in the field of Engineering
  • Second Cold War Medal - Veteran of the Second Cold War; 2036-2040
  • Joint Services Achievement Medal - For achievement in Engineering during development of the Advanced Submergence Vehicles.
  • Joint Services Medal - For joint service with the UEO Air Force, UEO Department of Research and Development and NASA during development of the Advanced Submergence Vehicles
  • Pacific Service Medal - For service in the Pacific; 2040-2041
  • Combat Action - Combat Veteran.



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