Timeline of History: 1985 - 2041...

Genetics, Terrorism and the United Nations.

The Fall of the UN and the Third World War.

Sea Colonization and the formation of the UEO.

The Great Dissolution of the UEO.

Macronesia and the Second Cold War.



  • The long term effects of Global Warming and pollution become a topic of interest in the scientific community as the hole in the Ozone layer is discovered.
  • Doctor Robert Ballard discovers the wreck of the ocean liner R.M.S. Titanic.
  • NASA commissions the Space Shuttle “Atlantis” OV-104.


  • NASA Space Shuttle “Challenger” Explodes 73 seconds after launch, killing all seven aboard
  • Samuel Ezard; future director of UEO Section Seven, is born on October 9th
  • The Chernobyl Nuclear Power facility suffers a total meltdown, causing an ecological disaster. Global interest in alternative power sources rises.
  • The United States launches a military offensive against Libya.


  • Future seaQuest Captain Nathan Bridger marries Carol Benning.
  • DNA is first used to convict criminals.


  • An 11-year mystery begins as Pan Am flight 103 is bombed over Scotland, killing all aboard and 11 people on the ground.


  • The Oil Tanker Exxon Valdez spills millions of gallons of crude oil in to the sea.
  • Jonathan Ford – future executive officer of the UEO seaQuest – is born in the USA on the 10th of June.
  • Future Atlantis DSV Captain Mark Ainsley is born in England on the 7th of July.
  • Nathan and Carol Bridger have a son – Robert Bridger.


  • The Hubble Space Telescope is launched and is plagued with problems before a repair mission is sent.
  • Nelson Mandela is released from prison.


  • The Soviet Union collapses and Russia is thrown in to economic turmoil.
  • The U.S. launches Operation Desert Storm against Saddam Hussein, Dictator-President of Iraq, in the First Gulf War. General Norman Schwazkopf is given the nickname “Stormin' Norman” for to its success.


  • The official end of the Cold War.


  • The World Trade Center is bombed by terrorists.


  • Nelson Mandela becomes the President of South Africa and repeals Apartheid laws.


  • Oklahoma City Bombing.


  • A crude pipe bomb disrupts the Atlanta Olympic Games.
  • Mad Cow Disease hits Britain.
  • Realisation in the scientific community begins to grow that world's oceans could yield seemingly limitless new sources of food, fuel, living space, etc.
  • Programs are begun to study the feasibility of deep-sea exploration and utilization.


  • The city of Hong Kong is returned to Chinese rule after half a century of British colonialism.
  • NASA receives first images from the Pathfinder probe mission.
  • Scientists successfully clone the first sheep and name it “Dolly”. It foreshadows darker use of these techniques within only a decade.


  • A revolution in alternate-energy research happens when the world's first Fusion reactor is brought online by Tokamak Engineering Systems.
  • U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton is Impeached at the end of his second term in office.


  • NATO nations attack Serbia.
  • Technologies are rapidly developing which make the seas a much less foreboding environment. Large scale desalination of sea water, deep sea oil drilling, oil mining, "Farming" and even colonization are suddenly all very possible.
  • Nations earmark large portions of their military budgets towards swift development of these technologies
  • R&D resources previously directed at space eploration are now aimed at the world's oceans.
  • Scientific and environmental communities pleased by these advances also warn governments to proceed carefully.


  • Nathan Bridger's initial work on the seaQuest project is completed.
  • Future subfighter pilot, Gabriel Hitchcock is born in Honolulu, Hawaii on the 4th of August. (Sister – Katherine Hitchcock – will serve on the seaQuest DSV in 2018)


  • The start of what is referred to as the “Dark Age of Genetics” where nations begin experimentation on Human DNA…
  • "Surf Scrapers" - buildings that are constructed half above and half below the wayer begin to appear off major coastal cities.
  • Sub-surface freighters enter surface. Travelling just beneath the waves, these ships are unaffected by the vagaries of terrestrial weather, rough seas, etc. allowing for faster, safer and more reliable passage. Early sub-surface shipping lanes are established.
  • First deep-ocean 'environments' are established by various nations; some are oil drilling rigs, some are mining facilities, and others are rudimentary "Farms".
  • The sea is living up to its potential, yielding fresh water, foods, fuels, precious minerals, etc.
  • Because of the expense of developing necessary technologies, several smaller nations band together to form economic confederations similar to the European Common Market so as not to be left behind.
  • On September 11th 2001, Middle-Eastern terrorists attack the United States of America . It begins a massive campaign against terrorism commonly known as the “War on Terror”
  • Nathan Bridger submits first draft for USS seaQuest DSV to the U.S. Department of the Navy.


  • U.S. and Allied forces invade Afghanistan in search of terrorist leaders behind the 2001 attacks against the U.S.A
  • More undersea "Environments" are established. Because of the richness of resources at these chosen sitres, most nations ignore the age-old rules of the open sea (the 200-mile limit) and begin staking claims to parcels of the ocean floor and the regions of water above them.
  • More countries band together in to confederations to better expand their "ownership" of undersea property, and to strengthen their resistance against invaders.
  • Environmentalists warn that the sea's resources are being exploited too rapidly, but the economic stakes are too high and now most nations and confederations ignore these warnings.


  • Continuing their campaign against terrorists, the U.S. Coalition launches a full scale ground invasion of Iraq in search of so-called “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
  • The North Sea Confederation (France, England, Germany) launch the Liberte Space Station
  • Former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, is captured by Coalition forces, but this does little to stop violence in the middle-eastern nation.
  • The term 'Dark Age of Genetics' is coined by the New York Times when military interests in the technologies give rise to questions of the morality of its application,


  • Well-financed industrialists, independant of any nation or confederation, begin their own unregulated exploitation of the sea.
  • Drug runners and other contraband traders begin using sub-surface vessels for their smuggling (rendering them totally undetectable to satellites, surface ships, planes, etc.)
  • The United States, concerned for its maritime interests abroad, joins with Canada and Japan to form the North Pacific Confederation. It rapidly becomes the most powerful alliance of nations on the planet.
  • World tension mounts as ocean territoriality escalates.
  • UN Resolution G-932 passed, outlawing Genetic Engineering after global public outrage grows in the wake of leaked military experiments.


  • The United Nations begins to crumble and UN-funded peacekeeping activities around the world begin to come to an end...
  • World War Three ignites in the former Soviet Baltic state of Latvia as major European nations clash with the breakdown of UN.
  • UN Peacekeeping ends in North Korea and the United States is forced to launch a counter strike against North Korea after a nuclear weapon is detonated on the 38th Parallel.
  • Australia, forced in to a war which seriously threatens her borders, declares independence from British Rule and the New Australian Confederation is formed with other close neighbours including Indonesia and New Zealand.
  • Undersea colonies begin to appear up off major coastlines.
  • Lauren Caitlin Hornsby – future captain of the UEO DSV Aquarius – is born in the newly founded San Angeles colony off the coast of California on September 21st .


  • The eight world confederations begin massive rearmament using 21st century technologies.
  • US Congress reviews final draft plans for USS seaQuest DSV 4600
  • A young and Idealistic Alexander Bourne joins the backbench of the Australian Liberal Party.


  • The United States declares war on an ultra-nationalist Russia after Russian troops invade neighbouring Georgia.

  • The HMS Gloucester is sunk in the Black Sea by the USS Chosin during a friendly-fire incident. The US-British alliance is strained by tensions.


  • Project seaQuest begins. NORPAC commences the official development work of the ultimate sea-going war vessel. The seaQuest DSV 4600 will be the largest, fastest, deadliest machine to ever roam the seven seas. The maximum security project is placed under the direct supervision of Captain Nathan Bridger.

  • Saddam Hussein is executed, bringing an end to a legacy of over 25 years of bloodshed.
  • Africa is drawn in to World War Three as nations engage in a brutal war of racial cleansing and genocide without the UN to intervene.
  • Mark Ainsley enters Royal Navy Academy
  • seaQuest final draft plans are approved by the U.S. Congress and NORPAC command.
  • China launches air strikes against Taiwain in support of troop landings. The USS Eisenhower CVN-69 operating in the South China Sea is sunk by Chinese Aircraft shortly after.
  • The United States declares war on China, opening up a new front in their South-East Asian War.


  • Project seaQuest continues...
  • Oceanic territoriality continues to escalate among the confederations. Deep sea piracy and environmental rape of the oceans increases unabated.
  • South Africa is subjected to intense carpet bombing during the massive third world war and is forced in to submission.


  • Newport News Shipyards lay the keel of SSBN seaQuest.
  • Liberte Space Station splashes down in the Pacific.
  • Peace accords are held in Paris, France in the North Sea Confederation. They fail.
  • Amanda Jessica Keelan, a future UEO Intelligence Officer, is born on August 9th


  • Mark Ainsley graduates North Sea Naval Academy.
  • Project seaQuest is nearing completion.
  • An oceanic border dispute erupts in the Arctic. A North Pacific Confederation explorer ship is sunk by enemy fire. Captain Bridger's only son is aboard.
  • Captain Bridger finally sees the full evil potential of the ship he is building, and the insane path of self destruction the world is following. He resigns from the project, and the Navy. He and his wife, Carol, travel to the remote Galapagos Islands and begin an ascetic life of marine research.
  • U.S. President Colin Powell calls for further sea exploration.
  • Midshipman Mark Ainsley assigned to Ballistic Missile Submarine NSC ‘Vanguard'.
  • Madeline Hayes is born in Indianapolis, USA on April 12th.
  • James Banick is born in New York, USA on October 31st.
  • Oliver Hudson – future Captain of the seaQuest – enters the US Navy.
  • World War Three comes to an end after 5 years of conflict with the signing of the Reykjavik Peace Accords in Iceland. Many nations are left decimated by the conflict. South Africa is one such country, setting the stage for the Nycarus project...


  • Ryan Callaghan is born in Montreal, Canada on October 3rd.


  • The North Atlantic war ends with the signing of the Atlantic Peace Accords in London.


  • Natalie Canebride is born in Orleans, France on February 20th.
  • Mark Ainsley marries Samantha McLean.
  • NORPAC seaQuest DSV 4600 begins sea trials under the command of Captain Marilyn Stark.
  • A massive boom in sea exploration reveals many rich resource deposits and more deep sea colonies and mining/farming communities are established across the world's seas.
  • The New Australian Confederation begins a large military build up program in response to the many global tensions that still hold firm over the Pacific.


  • Edward Stevens is born on June 4th in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Samantha Ainsley gives birth to a son, Thomas.


  • The seaQuest roams the seas, a foreboding presence, fully armed and ready to fight. She is a symbol of the constant threat of world war and destruction. Other confederations rush to design their own versions of this superb sub.
  • Carol Bridger dies and former Captain Nathan Bridger moves to a remote Caribbean island, vowing to continue his research alone.
  • Jane Roberts is born on March 24th in Sendai, Japan to an American Naval Aviator and his Japanese wife.


  • Samantha Ainsley gives birth to a daughter, Jessica.

  • NASA prepares to launch its first manned mission to Mars, the final go ahead is given to begin final tests of the "Wayfarer" spacecraft.


  • The first manned mission to mars, “Wayfarer” is launched under the command of Commander Scott Keller.
  • The Livingston Trench incident occurs where submarines from five Confederations converge in the Mid-Atlantic in dispute over a deep sea colony. seaQuest is one of the vessels, and Captain Marilyn Stark is prepared to launch missiles against the other confederations. She is relieved of command by Commander Jonathan Ford and soon after, is discharged from the Navy.
  • The continuing, unchecked violence across the world's oceans leads to a summit in Hawaii with the eight major confederations. The United Earth/Oceans charter is ratified - a new United Nations dedicated to creating and maintaining a new and lasting world peace. All eight confederations wearily sign the charter as member states, disolving the undersea borders established over the last 18 years.
  • Andrea Dre is elected the first Secretary-General of the UEO.
  • As a result of the Livingston Trench Incident, seaQuest is given to the UEO by NORPAC as an olive branch towards fermenting world peace.
  • UEO summit is held in Geneva concerning the acquisition of the seaQuest. The decision is made to put it in to drydock for a complete refit to a scientific research and peacekeeping vessel.


  • Nathan Bridger is lured back to civilization by his old friend Admiral William Noyce. Despite his cynicism that mankind will either blow itself up or pollute itself to death, he reluctantly assumes command of the UEO seaQuest DSV 4600.
  • A UEO mandate re-declares a 200-mile limit, and the oceans are "Open Frontier" once more. Confederations and industrialists are free to keep their holdings and establish new ones, but the sea floor now remains open territory.
  • The UEO establishes guidelines for a safe, more ecologically responsible exploration and utilization of the ocean's resources.
  • seaQuest discovers the Library of Alexandria off the coast of Egypt.
  • seaQuest discovers the downed Liberte Space Station on the bottom of the Pacific.
  • NORPAC and the North Sea Confederation sign a joint defence agreement with the UEO, effectively placing commqne of their Navies under the United Earth Oceans. The UEO becomes a superpower like no other, spanning four continents.


  • Wayfarer returns to Earth from Mars and is recovered by the seaQuest and military forces from the Montagnard Confederation.
  • Secretary General of the UEO Andrea Dre is impeached for corruption. Admiral William Noyce retires from active duty to assume the office of acting Secretary General of the UEO.
  • A massive project aimed at the realisation of world power from Geothermal energy off the Australian coastline is completed, but goes terribly awry as core drilling causes tectonic upheavals. As massive ruptures on the sea floor begin to spread and spill lava in to the seas, ocean temperatures begin to rise. UEO seaQuest DSV is destroyed by detonating its nuclear arsenal in the fissure, sealing the rupture and preventing a global catastrophe.
  • UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 II is laid down at New Cape Quest, Florida.
  • Samantha Ainsley gives birth to a third child, Andrew, on the 1st of August


  • Gabriel Hitchcock enrols in the UEO Military Academy's Submerged Fighter School on the 3rd of January

  • UEO Headquarters is moved from Pearl Harbor to Fort Gore in New Cape Quest, Florida.

  • Thomas McGath, a respected civilian politician, is elected Secretary General of the UEO and William Noyce is reinstated as a Vice Admiral in the fleet.

  • The Marauder class autonomous SSN is developed by Sea Sciences Ltd. It will be the first submarine to feature an advanced active chameleon camouflage generator. This same stealth technology will be seen 20 years later aboard the Macronesian "Adraeleus" class Dreadnought...


  • The city of New Cape Quest reaches a population of 5 million

  • UEO Endeavour, under the direction of Doctor Marcus Rawlings, discovers the Hemmingway Trench.

  • UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 II is commissioned at Fort Gore, New Cape Quest under the Command of Captain Nathan Bridger on September 17th.

  • GELFs, otherwise known as Genetically Engineered Life Forms – military soldiers developed out of the Dark Age of Genetics – are recognised as having human and civil rights.

  • The Marauder SSN program is terminated after it activates a simulation program that results in it launching a series of missile attacks against the UEO Naval bases of Pearl Harbor and Panama before firing nuclear warheads at UEO Headquarters in New Cape Quest. The missiles are stopped, but the project is deemed a failure on November 13th after the submarine finally self destructs. It will significantly hamper further sentient AI development for over a decade.


  • UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 II is lost at sea with all hands on May 21st . No trace of it is found and the ship is officially declared missing, presumed destroyed.

  • Gabriel Hitchcock graduates from the UEO Fighter Academy on November 20th.


  • UEO's SF-2/A Spectre Subfighter program is completed, and begins to enter naval service as the world's first mass-production submarine fighter.


  • A shattered South Africa begins top secret genetic testing in the provinces of Sierra Leone. The experiments lead to a technological revolution, but the country is plunged in to civil war based on the divided opinions of ethics and human rights. This is the beginning of the Nycarus Project.

  • South Africa enters total isolation and creates a self-imposed blockade barring all contact or trade with other nations.


  • The UEO repeals a Colonial Deregulation bill which leads to hundreds of Oceanic territories and colonies becoming recognised as sovereign states. Acts of piracy, terrorism and military actions across the world's oceanic colonies rapidly rise as these fledgling nations find they are unable to defend themselves

  • In the wake of increasing military conflicts across the Pacific, the UEO responds by placing sanctions against so-called "non-aligned Confederations", leaving many member states divided in their opinions of world policy. Alliances shift and many nations resign their memberships to the organization in what is soon called the “Great Dissolution”

  • The New Australian Confederation is one of the countries to resign its membership and is soon faced with a UEO trade embargo. Determined to defend her new colonies, the Confederation begins a massive military buildup.


  • UEO embargo against non-aligned confederations is enacted.

  • Alexander Bourne is elected President of the New Australian Confederation.

  • The Macronesian Alliance treaty is signed by Australia and many of her close neighbours and allies in an effort to counter hard-line UEO defence policies. Supporting the Alliance's goals, the other nations of the Confederation and many of its neighbours follow suit, and before long, the Macronesian Alliance is a super power that includes Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and countless other pacific sea-states, including portions of China. Alexander Bourne is elected President of the Alliance.


  • The Nycarian Empire takes form in Africa as a powerful alliance of South African states under a new and benevolent democratic government.

  • The UEO Subfighter School of Advanced Weapons Training is founded at Cape Cortez .

  • A small independent Confederation on the borders of the Macronesian Alliance known as the Chaodai Confederation launches a frighteningly effective campaign against the Macronesian Alliance state of the Montagnard Confederation. It leads to a brief war between the Macronesian Alliance and the Chaodai. The Montagnard Confederation is absorbed by the Chaodai.

  • Gabriel Hitchcock is promoted to Lieutenant Commander

  • Mark Ainsley is promoted to Captain and assumes command of Trident class SSN UEO “Nautilus”.

  • Nycarian High Chancellor Marteen Carthedin comes to power in South Africa on December 5th.


  • James Banick enrols in the UEO Naval Academy.


  • Deon International becomes the largest Multi National Corporation on the planet, grossing 800 Billion dollars. CEO Larry Deon strongly supports President Alexander Bourne in response to the economic problems associated with UEO trade embargos across the globe.

  • Ryan Callaghan joins the UEO Naval Academy on January 2nd.

  • The Macronesian Alliance perfects the development of a new and terrifying weapon based on “Subduction” technology. Capable of reducing solid matter (including landmasses) to molecular soup, it is tested on several border colonies. The UEO condemns the attacks, and Macronesia absorbs the colonies in to the Alliance.

  • UEO Headquarters moves from New Cape Quest to the Ballard Institute on San Diego Island.

  • Preliminary design and theory work begins on the UEO's “DSV-II” program.


  • Gabriel Hitchcock is promoted to Commander and given XO assignment in the Spectre Sub-fighter Squadron VF-61 “Avengers”

  • Captain Mark Ainsley is given command of UEO Poseidon Class fleet carrier “Reverence”

  • Madeline Hayes completes a Marine Science degree at the Robert Ballard Maritime College in Boston.

  • Madeline Hayes enrols in UEO Naval Academy.


  • The number of Macronesian Lysander fighters in the Pacific to UEO Spectres tops 4 to 1, leaving the UEO massively outgunned.

  • James Banick graduates UEO Naval Academy and assigned to the Poseidon Class Carrier “Shiloh” on December 27th.


  • Edward Stevens enrols in the UEO Engineering Academy on January 2nd.

  • Natalie Canebride enrols in the UEO Naval Academy on January 4th.

  • The UEO Spectre fighter squadron of the VF-61 "Avengers" mount a heroic defence for the downed UEO Cruiser “Defiant” on the 13th of May. 7 out of 12 of the Squadron pilots are killed and Commander Gabriel Hitchcock disobeys orders to withdraw, thus saving the lives of over 100 UEO Submariners aboard the Defiant. He personally took 12 kills in the engagement - a record yet to be matched in the fleet.

  • Gabriel Hitchcock is decorated for valour on May 15th.

  • Gabriel Hitchcock marries Jannet Benson on the 11th of June.

  • Gabriel Hitchcock is promoted to Wing Commander and given command of the restructured VF-61 Avengers.

  • Ensign Ryan Callaghan graduates UEO Naval Academy.

  • The Protean Citadel is completed in Pretoria, South Africa and stands as the tallest building on the planet at over 350 storeys. it is the capital of the Nycarian Empire.

  • UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 II is found with all hands alive and well. Captain Nathan Bridger retires after learning his son may be alive and that he has a grandson. Captain Oliver Hudson assumes command of the DSV after it is refit and rearmed for battle.

  • UEO seaQuest DSV liberates the Macronesian-held Nexus colony on September 9th.


  • Captain Mark Ainsley declines promotion to the Admiralty.

  • Ensign Ryan Callaghan is assigned to UEO Attack Submarine “Valiant” and deployed to frontline patrol duty along the Macronesian/UEO border on January 1st.

  • Major engagement between four confederations of the UEO and Alliance occurs on the Macronesian border on August 5th . Valiant is severely damaged, and UEO Command denies knowledge of the incident. Records show that Ryan Callaghan is severely wounded in the engagement and is put out of action for 3 months.

  • Madeline Hayes graduates from the UEO Naval Academy on December 11th and is assigned to the SSN Independence on the 26th of that month.


  • Jane Roberts enrols at UEO Cape Cortez fighter academy.

  • Former UEO Admiral Arthur Dallinsley is elected Secretary General of the UEO as Thomas McGath steps down after 14 years in office.

  • The DSV-II program begins taking shape. The earliest known reference to it being referred to as the “ADSV” program happens this year.

  • Ryan Callaghan is assigned to SSN “Warspite” on February 2nd.

  • Natalie Canebride graduates from the UEO Naval Academy on December 10th and is assigned to the Defiance class cruiser “Hornet”.

  • James Banick is awarded the Navy Cross while serving aboard the Fleet Carrier “Shiloh”.


  • Nathan Bridger is reinstated to the fleet as a Rear Admiral and is brought in on the top secret “(A)DSV” project. (Formerly known as "DSV-II")

  • Edward Stevens graduates UEO Engineering Academy valedictorian and is assigned to the top secret (A)DSV program in November

  • Lieutenant Madeline Hayes is assigned to the Carrier “Liberty”

  • Contract work for the “ADSV” project is given to Marine Dynamics Inc. (A division of Lockheed Naval Systems)


  • Construction of the DSV “Aries” Fleet Yards complex begins with massive excavation of Ford Island in Pearl Harbour. Construction of the facility will take 2 years.

  • James Banick and Captain Mark Ainsley meet in ‘unceremonious' circumstances in a bar on the Pearl Harbour naval base. The incident lands Banick in the Brig, and then on the “Reverence” serving under Captain Ainsley at the senior officer's request.

  • Jane Roberts graduates from Cape Cortez Academy on December 1st and assigned to UEO seaQuest DSV on December 27th.


  • Ensign Jane Roberts finishes a 1-year tour aboard the seaQuest and is assigned to the VF-95 “Raiders” aboard Submarine Carrier “Hancock” on November 15th.

  • Lieutenant (JG) Jane Roberts achieves title of “Ace” after destroying 4 Lysanders in a border skirmish on December 28th.


  • Construction of the Ares fleet yards is completed and DSV Hulls 8100 and 8200 begin building on January 5th.

  • UEO Carrier “Liberty” leads a two week campaign against Chaodai forces in the Japan Trench to liberate the Challenger Colony on June 14th.


  • UEO Headquarters is moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor amidst much debate on the topic of security in the Hawaiin islands.

  • Lieutenant Madeline Hayes is transferred from the Carrier “Liberty” to UEO Headquarters as the personal aid to Admiral James Collins.

  • Lieutenant (JG) Jane Roberts is promoted to Full Lieutenant and reassigned to a special training program for the YSF-37 Raptor class sub-fighter prototypes.

  • Macronesian sub fighter and carrier forces now outnumber the UEO's fighter forces by a margin of 6 to 1. The UEO is unable to answer it due to the resources being put in to the DSV program.

  • New UEO/NASA “Hyper Engine” design is “officially” declared a “Failure” on June 1st .

  • General Dynamics and NASA complete the working engines for the new DSVs.

  • Captain Ainsley's submarine, the Carrier “Reverence” is decommissioned after 10 years of distinguished service amidst UEO fleet restructuring.

  • James Banick takes a year of leave after the Reverence is pulled from service.

  • Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock is short-listed for command of one of the first Raptor Squadrons.

  • Captain Ainsley declines another promotion to the Admiralty and is appointed to command of “DSX 8100” in September.


  • Lieutenant Commander Ryan Callaghan is short-listed for the tactical position aboard DSX 8100. (January)

  • James Banick is promoted to Commander and requested by Captain Ainsley for Executive Officer position aboard DSX 8100. (February)

  • Natalie Canebride is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and short-listed for Helm position aboard DSX 8100. (February)

  • Madeline Hayes is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

  • Lieutenant Jane Roberts finishes Raptor training course and is assigned to the elite VF-107 Rapiers under Wing Commander Gabriel Hitchcock.

  • Chief Petty Officer Edward Stevens, having completed design and construction work on the DSVs, requests an assignment as Chief Engineer aboard DSX 8100 in September.

  • DSV 8100 is completed and commissioned as “UEO Atlantis DSX 8100” on November 6th in front of a stunned world stage. DSV 8200; named the Aquarius and under the Command of Captain Lauren Hornsby follows two days later.

  • Atlantis DSX fires on eight Macronesian Orion class SSNs in defence of the Nintoku seamount colony and seaQuest DSV 4600 II is reported destroyed on November 7th.

  • In retaliation for the attack upon his submarines, President Alexander Bourne formally declares war on the United Earth Oceans on November 11th, 2040.

  • UEO seaQuest DSV 4600 is discovered to be intact and under Alliance control on November 19th. UEO Atlantis DSX 8100 is forced to destroy it.

  • UEO Secretary General Arthur Dallinsley is arrested on charges of espionage on November 20th. Admiral Nathan Bridger accepts position of acting-Secretary General of the UEO on the same day.

    Atlantis DSV: Episode I - "Atlantis"

  • Atlantis DSX destroys the wreck of seaQuest to prevent it falling in to Alliance hands. VF-107 Rapiers become the first fighter unit to engage the Alliance 188th Fighter Squadron and survive.

  • UEO Atlantis DSX 8100 is redesignated a DSV as her prototype status is rescinded.

  • Chronicles – Liberty or Death:
    UEO Carrier Battlegroups of the Attacker and Ark Royal conduct strikes against Macronesian Targets of Opportunity throughout the Marshall Islands. The VF-70 “Daredevils” destroy a force of Macronesian vessels moving to reinforce the islands on December 16th.


  • UEO Headquarters prepares to move one more time to New Cape Quest given the potentially dangerous position of Pearl Harbor on the front lines of the war.

  • Atlantis DSV Episode II: Shadows of the Phoenix :
    UEO Atlantis DSV 8100 runs a shakedown patrol through the Atlantic Ocean in a ‘showing of the flag' beginning on January 1st .

  • Atlantis DSV is heavily damaged by a mercenary attack on January 4th. Creative engineering and damage control efforts by Chief Engineer Edward Stevens keep the ship in an operational condition.

  • UEO Atlantis DSV 8100 discovers a combined Mercenary/Macronesian covert operation operating from a World War Three munitions depot in the Mid Atlantic on January 6th. The DSV totally overwhelms the base and its defenders.

  • Captain Mark Ainsley makes the first official contact with the Nycarian Empire on January 6th when he meets Viceroy Narius Rhodes.

  • The crew of the Atlantis discover multiple clues pointing to an Alliance operation called “Rising Thunder” on January 7th…

  • DSV Frontlines – Storm Warning:
    The UEO Aquarius and her escorts engage Macronesian forces in the Marshall Islands on February 23rd. During the battle, Aquarius encounters a new form of Macronesian “Stealth” cruiser that can evade both sensor and visual detection…

  • DSV Frontlines – Full Fathom Five:
    UEO Aquarius comes to the aid of the UEO Ticonderoga battlegroup and its fighter squadrons around the Ryukyu Trench south of Japan on March 2nd . Ticonderoga loses the majority of its fighter squadrons, and the battle becomes known as “The Abattoir”. It is rued as the most costly subfighter battle in UEO history.

  • Rising Thunder...



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