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You'd be surprised how often we get asked some of the following questions. Whatever you couldn't learn from the "introduction" page, you can probably find out here. If not, then drop me an email. I do my best to answer everything people send me. We believe there is no such thing as a stupid question...

Q: What is Atlantis?
Atlantis DSV is a spin-off web series based on the television series seaQuest DSV and later, seaQuest 2032 created by Steven Spielberg. seaQuest aired for only a short time between the years 1993 and 1995.

Q: Are we ever going to see (insert name of library article here) on the site?
This is an ongoing project which is being handled by only a very small team of people, and it takes time to get all these pages of "fluff" and background together. But if it has been mentioned at some point throughout Atlantis, then there is a good chance that it will eventually be on the site too.

Q: When are you going to release Tides of War (The C&C Generals modification for Atlantis) and Faithful Harp? (The Atlantis short film)
The C&C Modification has been suspended while we look at new engines to base the mod on. The first generation SAGE engine which Generals uses is limited in its capabilities, while newer versions of this engine (such as Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars) provide considerably more flexibility for mod making. Faithful Harp will be released when its ready... and not before...

Q: Can I use Atlantis in ___________?
While I am not terribly adverse to people using Atlantis in their own projects, I seriously encourage people not to. That said, if you absolutely-positively, unavoidably must use Atlantis in your own work, all I ultimately ask is that you email me and ask first.

Q: Are there secret archives?
A: Yes. There are secret archives. The link is hidden on this site.

Q: What was seaFire ASV?
seaFire ASV is arguably the most well-known seaQuest web series to date. It's high-point was a phenomenal run that lasted between 1998 and 2000 (although the webseries itself may have been older than that...) and was practically the first ever graphic based seaQuest web series. The quality of CG used in seaFire was on par with the original show to the point that some fans believed that it was an up and coming TV sequel. Sadly, due to a long and highly controversial chain of events, seaFire ended in 2000-2001 to be replaced by Deep Angel, and now its present incarnation, Empire.

Q: Can I still read seaFire ASV?
Yes, you can. The archived, released episodes of seaFire ASV are available to download from New Cape Quest. You can additionally find a great deal of the graphics created for seaFire in NCQ's Gallery.

Q: Are you Insane?
Quite possibly.

Q: Who is involved with Atlantis?
If I wrote a list of all the people who have given some measure of input either physical or otherwise in to Atlantis, I'd be here all day... But at present, Atlantis is being written and produced by James Ward (Wagga Wagga - Australia), with the direct aid of Nathan Leong, (Melbourne, Australia) Alexander Williams (Wagga Wagga, Australia) and Keith Carpenter (Yeovil, United Kingdom)

Q: Can I help?
Yes you can. There have been instances in the past where fans of Atlantis have submitted stories that have since become recognised as part of the series, and there are many fan-created fighter squadrons that appear on this site. If you have any skills in writing, web design, CGI, or just want to help in some way...
let us know.

Q: Where do you get time for all this?
If you ask any of us about the consistency in updates on this site, it should be apparent that time is in fact a very real issue to deal with. This is not a full-time job, nor do I make any money out of Atlantis. I simply do this because I like to, and if someone else can enjoy that too, then so much the better. So no, we don't really have time for it. We just do it anyway.

Q: How do you create all these graphics?
We primarily use the applications Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver and Autodesk Maya 2009.

Q: Are you quite serious about the secret archive question?
A: Seriously. Yes. I am serious. but without looking around the site... you won't find it!

Q: My Question isnt here!
That's not a question. But please email me and I will do my best to provide an answer to any question not covered here.


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